Texas bans the use of some Instagram and Facebook filters | Univision News

wait until the end becauseyou will not be prepared.reporter: it is importanteffort and dedication withoutcompromise your mental health.Andrew: Thank you.Now listen to this, not anymoreyou can use any of thefun filtersinstagram, or facebook in texas,the state attorney general hasfiled a lawsuit inagainst meta, alleging that thecompany uses technologyof fatal recognition thatviolates state law,nidia cavazos expands us.nidia: in the absence of thesefederal regulations onprivacy regardingsocial networks the stateshave the right to decidefor himself what will be hisstate laws on thisissue, that is why the prosecutorof texas is suing thetarget company for allegedlyviolate the rights ofprivacy of its residents.meta, the parent company offacebook instagram, announced thatwill remove some of their titlesclaiming that it is not usedrecognition technologyfacial, but they say they’ll takethis step to preventextractive litigation and withoutmerit, this answer to alawsuit from the attorney generalstate, since the prosecutor accusesto violate laws oftexas facial recognitionin texas there is a law fromlast year, from 2021,who said that for theprivacy of usersuse these filters must havethe user’s permission, and bythat reason is not allowed to havethese filters, because theythey say that these filters causeproblems being able to identifynidia: they are filters that createeffects with the face of aperson who cannot beuse in texas, asIt is illegal in the state ofillinois by not requesting thegoal announced that it will soon givethe option for userstexas en choose to usethese filters, this whilethat the Attorney General is going toproceed with your litigationTexas state.