Texas massacre, the killer’s father apologizes: “He had to kill me”. Chief Nra: “Criminal Monster”

National Rifle Association CEO: “We are mourning the deaths of a criminal monster that caused unimaginable pain, but abolishing the Second Amendment is not the answer.” On Sunday Joe and Jill Biden will go to the town where the shooting took place. Meanwhile, the case arises on the timing with which the agents intervened to stop 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. “It was a mistake not to break into the classroom”, the police admitted. The husband of a teacher dies of a heart attack

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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill will travel to Uvalde, Texas on Sunday, May 29, the White House reports. The presidential couple will meet the families of the victims of the massacre in the elementary school. The Bidens will also have talks with “local politicians and religious leaders” (THE WORST KILLS IN THE US). Meanwhile, the president on Twitter writes that “Congress must pass the law on controlling the profiles of those who want to buy weapons, ban shotguns. assault and machine guns. It is time to turn this pain into action ”. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre explained that Biden “does not want to abolish the second amendment but stressed that the president has called for” common sense laws “on guns after the Uvalde massacre.” Biden cannot solve the problem. arms alone, needs Congress to act ”. The visit to Texas over the weekend comes at the height of the annual convention in the city of Houston of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful arms lobby that has blocked any attempt at reform in the matter for years. The event is expected to be attended by Donald Trump, former presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Head Nra: “Biden proposals limit the right to self-defense”

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Texas massacre, the husband of one of the teachers killed of a heart attack

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Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association (the most powerful arms lobby in the USA) spoke about the massacre in Texas, opening the convention in Houston. “We are in mourning. All members of the NRA mourn the deaths of a criminal monster that caused unimaginable pain,” he said. But, he added, “abolishing the second amendment is not the answer. Eliminating the right to self-defense is not the answer. Restricting fundamental rights is not the solution to evil. Biden’s gun control proposals limit Americans’ basic human right to self-defense. “

The killer’s father: “He had to kill me”

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Massacre in Texas, the killer had confided his plan in a chat

Salvador Ramos, father of the Uvalde elementary school killer, had also spoken during the day. “I’m sorry for what my son did. He was supposed to kill me,” he said in an interview with the Daily Beast. The man said he was surprised. “I never expected such a thing from my son. He should have killed me instead of doing what he did,” explained the man, namesake of the killer son. Ramos was at work when his mother contacted him to inform him of the shooting. “They killed my little man. I will never see my son again, as the other parents will no longer see theirs and that hurts me,” he added.

Storm on the police in the US for delays in the intervention

According to what emerged, the special teams of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit arrived at the primary school in Uvalde “an hour after” the killer entered and killed him. The Texas police said so confirming the media rumors about the timing of the intervention without explaining why it took so long. Local police and school security guards “came in after four minutes. They heard gunshots, did some reconnaissance and then took cover,” the director general said. The timing of intervention is creating a case. The anger of the parents of the young victims grows, who accuse the agents of not having acted in a timely manner to stop Ramos’ murderous rampage. “Come in! Come in!”, The parents who rushed out of the school scream at the agents in desperation, in the videos of those terrible moments filmed by witnesses and inhabitants. A dad, whose 8-year-old daughter was killed in the attack, said he was ready with three or four other fathers to enter the school. “The cops were unprepared, they stood there doing nothing,” she accused. “It was a mistake not to break into the school’s classroom, Texas police admitted at a press conference.“ It was a bad decision. Point. There is no excuse, “said Colonel Steven McCraw, head of the state’s public security department, explaining that” the commander on the spot did not believe that there were children at risk, he was convinced that the killer had barricaded himself and that he had more time to get into the classroom. ”“ Obviously he was wrong, ”McGraw reiterated.

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The husband of the heroin teacher died

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Meanwhile, yesterday the husband of Irma Garcia, the teacher of the elementary school of Uvalde, killed while shielding the little students with her body, died of a heart attack, two days after the massacre that cost the life of his wife and 19 other children. . Joe Garcia “died of grief,” family members said. Joe and Irma had been married for 24 years and had four children. With the death of Joe Garcia the death toll of the massacre indirectly rises: Salvador Ramos, the eighteen-year-old shooter, killed with an automatic rifle, as well as Irma, his colleague Eva Mireles and 19 children of the fourth grade.

Surprise visit of Meghan Markle at the school

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On Thursday there was also a surprise visit from Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex who now lives in California, to the memorial to the victims of the massacre in Texas. Accompanied by a bodyguard, white t-shirt, tennis shoes, jeans and baseball cap, Prince Harry’s wife laid a bouquet of white roses at the makeshift memorial set up near the site of the massacre, Robb Elementary School.