TF1, M6 and France Télévisions finally create their Netflix

TF1, M6 and France Télévisions finally create their Netflix

The enemy brothers are allied. Many times hoped for and abandoned, the project of video platform common to French television is now running. According to our information, France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 presented, on Thursday, to their board of directors a project of common pay platform offering the same services as those recently negotiated with telecom operators (their live channels and extended catch-up television services) as well as an enriched catalog accessible via SVoD (subscription-based on-demand service). A project accepted by the various councils. A society of full right will be created. Each of the partners will hold one third. They will make “significant” capital contributions according to certain sources so that the entity can acquire technology and content. The “premium” services, the same as they offer to ISP subscribers (replay over a longer period, start-over etc.), will be available for a subscription that should be less than 5 euros. At the same time, there will be an SVoD offer with a catalog enriched with fiction, documentaries, etc. This is not the first time that groups have tried to associate. In 2014-2015, Orange, TF1, M6 and France Télévisions had already tried to team up to compete with Netflix. But the project was stillborn, as its promoters realized that they were not able to achieve profitability in the short term. In addition, it was difficult to get the actors with different points of view to agree. Netflix Competition ” The times have changed. Everyone worked on their side and saw the growing competition of Netflix type platforms. To be stronger, we all have an interest in associating. It’s a matter of common sense, “said Takis Candilis, number 2 of France Télévisions, at” Les Echos “in April. The Ministry of Culture has also shown support. The public service “must build alliances with the private channels to allow the emergence of a digital champion of the diffusion of the French programs”, indicated Françoise Nyssen, Monday at the colloquium of the Media Assembly.
To advance on this joint project, France TV had paused its big clean SVoD project in March. From now on, the three groups will have to prove that they can make common cause. “And even though they do not have the same public, nor the same identities,” recalls a good observer. Hulu in loss Nevertheless, the alliance has heavy challenges ahead. Techniques first, groups like Netflix having thousands of engineers. But also editorial: the big difficulty will be to get and keep the rights to have enough content. Not sure that the shareholders of the platform can afford, as do those of Hulu , to lose money in the adventure. The American platform, owned by several US giants (Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Disney and Time Warner) is not profitable, even if it has crossed the bar of 20 million US subscribers. It would have lost $ 436 million in the first quarter, according to “The Information”. In 2017, Hulu had already dug its loss to 920 million dollars, reported at the beginning of the year the American media. Marina Alcaraz (With N.M.)

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