TF1: Orange will pay more than 10 million euros per year, what consequences for subscribers?


TF1 and Orange managed to reach an agreement in March for the distribution of the TF1 group’s channels and services to the Livebox subscribers of the ISP. After extremely tense negotiations, the two parties agreed and Stéphane Richard was more specific about the amount paid by Orange to convince TF1 to drop the case. We are talking about more than 10 million euros a year, more than double compared to the old contract.

Orange has ” left feathers In the agreement with TF1 , confessed Stéphane Richard, the CEO of Orange, Europe 1 at the end of March 2018. In an interview with the Figaro, it is this time much more accurate. ” Before we paid the order of 5 million euros per year, from now on we will pay a little more than double “, He explains. That’s more than 10 million euros a year. A little more precise than the TF1-Orange agreement to ” less than 15 million euros per year ” advanced by Le Figaro before.
TF1: Orange will pay more than 10 million euros a year
But for Stéphane Richard, it is not a failure. ” That’s less than half of what was claimed. And we only pay de facto new services: expanded replay, 4K, previews, new channels … “, He assures, sweeping the idea that Orange will pay TF1 for broadcasting free channels . ” Everything accelerated on March 2 when Canal + cut the TF1 broadcast to its subscribers. It was the right timing for us because March 9 was programmed the big concert of Enfoirés, important event for TF1. So we took the opportunity to propose a solution and on March 8, it was signed “, He reports.
But then, this substantial increase in the amounts paid to TF1 can it have consequences on Orange subscribers? The CEO is clear, it’s a big “no”. ” Orange spends 750 million euros each year to buy content. We will absorb this increase and there will be no repercussions “. It ensures that ISP customers will continue to enjoy the same attractive content and services without price increase “. A priori, subscribers are doing well.
But in reality, it is impossible to know if they are injured by this agreement or not at the end of the day. How would these additional millions of euros be used that Orange will pay to TF1 each year? In new content? In investments in network infrastructures? In dividends? Feel free to share your opinion on this agreement to more than 10 million euros between TF1 and Orange in comments.


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