Thai Life Assurance moves forward with the Digital Transformation strategy Increase convenience for customers – Fresh news

Mr. Chai Chaiwan, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited (TLI) revealed that from operating the business under the vision “Being a life insurance company of sustainability” by the initial roadmap will be a transition to a stable future. (Transforming Tomorrow) by defining Business Purpose as every answer to life insurance health insurance and personal financial planning or Life Solutions Provider, focusing on product and service development to meet the diverse needs of customers in a personalized way

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The Company therefore aims to drive the organization through investments in digital technology development (Digital Transformation) by bringing technological innovations to enhance the potential of business operations. especially to improve service efficiency To facilitate the insured in various life insurance transactions Both in terms of receiving benefits from the policy, the company has added new services.

“Thai Life Insurance Smart Pay”, a service that transfers claims within the same day of approval. For the insured who chooses to receive benefits under the policy through a bank account Savings type or current type without special conditions with the bank or through a PromptPay account that has been applied for by an ID card number For claims that are approved on the company’s business days and hours

In the event that the insured wants to receive benefits under the policy through another bank account This is not a PromptPay account that is linked to an ID card number. The insured must attach the front of the bank passbook. or prepare a letter of intent to claim benefits under the policy through a bank account Except for approved claims, there is a deduction or return of benefit liabilities. and in the case of death compensation All beneficiaries must choose to receive money by means of transfer and attach the front of the bank passbook. except investment insurance and monthly insurance with deduction of insurance premiums

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In addition, the insured or beneficiary can ask for more information at Thai Life Insurance Care Center Tel. 1124.

Service, focusing on online service or E-Service through the Thai Life Insurance application platform. and Thai Life Insurance iService on the website including premium payment services such as e-Invoice service, check the premium that must be paid which the insured can pay the premium Immediately via E-Payment service, the company has added a channel to pay insurance premiums via direct debit or Online Direct Debit (ODD) for those who have a KBank deposit account linked to the K PLUS application via the application. Thai Life Insurance The system will continue to debit the bank account continuously. When the due date for premium payment and can also choose to pay premiums through scanning QR code, barcode or paying by credit card The insured will receive an electronic temporary receipt (e-Receipt) to ensure payment.

At the same time, the insured can check the benefits information. and services by yourself anytime, anywhere Through the electronic insured manual or E-Policyholder Guidebook or the insured’s identification card in the form of E-Card, it can be used to receive coverage according to the policy conveniently. without having to carry a card and E-Document service to download a certificate of payment of insurance premiums

As well as the insured can also change the policy information. Track the status of the warranty Find a partner hospital Mutual Fund Information Service under Unit Link Insurance Filing a Compensation Claim Thai Life Insurance Hotline Service Free 24/7 medical and travel assistance, anywhere in the world. Online Consultation Service Receive various benefits from Thai Life Insurance Privilege or various activities and privileges Many for Thai Life Assurance LifeFit members

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“The Company is committed to continuously developing innovations in providing services to the insured. by focusing on the needs and lifestyles of the insured Ready to bring technology and digital tools to Enable in order to provide appropriate services for each insured. under the concept of customer-centricity to answer the question of being a complete answer to every answer in life,” Mr Chai said.