“Thai stocks” closed down 10.67 points, Asia Plus Securities expected the sideways to wait for the MPC meeting results.

“Thai stocks” closed (27 Sept. 65) declined 10.67 points at 1,610.58 points, a decrease of 0.66% with a trading value of 74,170.74 million baht.

The top 5 securities with the highest trading value are:

  • KBANK trading value 4,179 million baht, closed at 145.00 baht, a decrease of 3.01%.
  • TLI, trading value 3,910 million baht, closed at 16.80 baht, down 4.0%
  • PTTEP trading value 2,700 million baht, closed at 164.50 baht, down 0.90%
  • PTT trading value 2,030 million baht, closed at 36.75 baht, down 0.68%
  • BBL trading value 1,934 million baht, closed at 136.00 baht, down 2.16%

Mr. Therdsak Thaveeeratham Deputy Managing Director and Head of Research, Asia Plus Securities revealed that the marketThai stocksDecreased from selling pressure to reduce risk. From the situation waiting to see the outcome of the MPC’s policy interest rate meeting, there is a risk of raising the interest rate more than 0.25% as initially expected. From the baht depreciating near 38 baht per 1 dollar, including the Thai and US interest rates, there is a gap too.

For the Thai stock index tomorrow (September 28, 65), it is expected to rise at a key support of 1,610 points, which if it breaks from such support is a technical signal that it may fall at the support of 1,580 points and within the resistance of 1630 points.