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Thailand. And in the end, it's the army that wins

"Elections, you always talk to me about elections. If there are no elections, no one will die! If it continues like this, I warn you that I will stay in power long! Contrary to appearances, Prime Minister and General Prayuth Chan-ocha has not lost his consummate art of threat. After having repeatedly postponed the deadline, the former head of the army, candidate for re-election as head of government, arranged for the legislative elections on Sunday, the first since the May 2014 coup, not to be crowned with no surprises. By the grace of the Constitution adopted in 2016 and revised in 2017, the powers of the king were strengthened and the junta legitimized. The appointment of the Senate, the military is able to appoint the head of government with only a quarter of the votes of the lower house. Even a minority in the election, the candidate of the junta has a great chance of winning.

The poor economic results of Prayuth Chan-ocha

At the heart of Southeast Asia's second largest economy, Prayuth Chan-ocha can not, however, campaign on its poor economic performance. The general has recently released his eighth song dedicated to the so-called return of democracy hummed by two crooner in rank, second lieutenant Pongsathorn Pojit and sergeant-head Cherdsak Ritthikonkul. "Let's repair this regrettable past (…). Do not let anyone in and hurt Thailand. A subtle reference to ex-prime ministers in exile, Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra, whose popularity continues to grow in the rural areas of the North and Northeast despite their removal in 2006 and 2011? For this is the crux of the problem, the supporters of the monarchy and the junta have never managed to win a single free election since 2001. So the Constitutional Court has arranged to dissolve and ban life for ten years the Thai Raksat Chart party, close to the Shinawatra family which was to fill the absence of Pheu Thai, linked to the same camp, in certain constituencies. According to a recent poll published by the Thai-language daily The Nation, Pheu Thai is credited with 136 seats out of 350 and is expected to top the list without being able to reach an absolute majority.


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