Thailand: Trial of a Belarusian call girl who claims to have revelations about Trump


A Belarusian call girl judged on Tuesday in Thailand called for help, fearing she would be deported to Russia after threats of revelations about Moscow’s role in the US elections.

“We do not understand what’s happening to us”

“We will not return to Russia because they opened a new court case against us,” Anastasia Vashoukevitch said when she arrived at the courthouse behind the police van’s gates.

“Help us, because we do not understand what is happening to us,” added Alexander Kirillov, leader of the group of “sex coaches” they had mounted in Thailand.

A video of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister

Anastasia Vachoukevich, a model best known by the pseudonym Nastia Rybka, was arrested in late February with a group of nine other foreigners who were organizing “sexual training” classes in the resort town of Pattaya.

The accusations of the young woman attracted attention because it is a high-flying escort girl, having frequented the Russian political elite, who is pursued in Russia for filming Sergei Prikhodko, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, on a Oleg Deripaska billionaire yacht. The video became viral after its publication by Russian opponent Alexei Navalny.

                                                     – Alexander Kirillov, leader of a group of “sex coaches”, arrives in court, April 17, 2018 in Pattaya, Thailand “Sex Guru”

Oleg Deripaska, who has had links with former Donald Trump campaign director Paul Manafort, has denied any relationship with Anastasia Vashoukevich and Alexander Kirillov, “sex guru” at the head of the arrested sex group in Thailand .

Initially, Anastasia Vachoukevitch and her six colleagues in “sex instructors” in Thailand were accused of working without a work permit, but now they must answer charges of “prostitution” and “criminal organization”.

Revelations about the American elections

The young woman has recently made the headlines of the international press after posting a video on Instagram offering American journalists to give them revelations.

“They are trying to put us behind bars … That’s why I’m ready to reveal to you the missing pieces of the puzzle (…) concerning the American elections,” she says in this video.

Pattaya, a two-hour drive south of Bangkok, frequented by many Russian tourists, is known to be a hub of prostitution and crime in Thailand.

In 2014, a UNAIDS report estimated 140,000 prostitutes in the country. The only city in Pattaya would have tens of thousands, even if the activity is illegal.


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