Thales Alenia Space, Copernicus tranche 1.8 billion – Last Hour scheduled


(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Thales Alenia Space has been chosen by ESA, in coordination and with the agreement of the European Commission for the main missions of the Copernicus program, the satellite earth observation program, for monitoring the environment, disaster assessment and other important applications. The Italian-French joint venture (67% of Thales and 33% of Leonardo) will play a key role in five of the six new Copernicus missions, guiding three of them as prime contractors. The total value of this trance of the program amounts to 1 billion and 800 million euros as the total volume of orders following the outcome of the tenders: contracts are expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

“I would like to thank ESA warmly for the trust placed in us by participating in as many as five of the six new Copernicus missions, guiding three of them as a responsible company,” comments Thales Alenia Space CEO Hervé Derrey: “These successes – he says – reflect the ability of Thales Alenia Space to manage complex Earth observation missions in various configurations, providing relevant solutions, both optical and radar. I would also like to thank the European Commission, member states and national space agencies, in particular ASI and Cnes, for their strong support. ” (HANDLE).


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