Thalheim Municipality Secures Funds for Road Renovation and Fire Department Upgrade


Thalheim applies for a road loan of CHF 310,000 – why the money has already flowed

The executive has eleven items on the agenda for the June 9th municipal meeting of residents. Among other things, the fire department should get a new vehicle.

At Hofmatt in Thalheim, 127 running meters were renovated with a tar covering.

Image: Maja Reznicek

Roland Frauchiger, mayor of Thalheim.

Roland Frauchiger, mayor of Thalheim.

Image: Alex Wagner

The Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung (AGV) recommends considering purchasing a replacement after the expansion of the hydrant network and a needs analysis over the next five years. “The vehicle is becoming more and more susceptible to repairs, but it is no longer possible to obtain spare parts, and all service work is very expensive.”

All three credits were undercut

The vehicle should be ordered in August and delivered by the end of 2024 at the latest. According to the AGV directory, the municipality can expect subsidies from the building insurance company of 55 percent – ​​but the assurance has not yet been given.

In addition, the executive applied for a supplementary loan of CHF 150,000 for the revision of the municipal use plan, including the revision of the building and use regulations. The planning drafts are to be submitted to the canton for a preliminary examination after the summer holidays.

Also on the agenda for the Gmeind are the approval of the annual report and the annual accounts for 2022 as well as three loan statements. Both in the planning of the development of the width (122,000 francs) and its implementation, including the opening of the stream
(CHF 2.23 million) as well as the renovation of the K474 cantonal road, including utility lines and road construction in Oberdorf (CHF 2.375 million), fell short.

2023-05-27 03:02:08

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