Than the new Haval H5 is going to “kill” Renault Arkana

The Chinese crossover has something to surprise.

Last year, Renault Arkana came out, which first attracted attention, and then disappointed motorists. Therefore, the distressed Russians began to look for an alternative, which became the Haval H5. What is the Chinese crossover going to “kill” the popular French cross-coupe?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the external appearance – the new Haval H5 attracts with a luxurious and expensive look, while Renault Arkana boasts only an original style with a slight hint of dynamism. Therefore, in this regard, the “celestial” SUV will have success.

Next, it is worth considering the interiors of both crossovers – “Arkana” is already known for poor-quality materials and meager design, while “Khawale” will amaze motorists with a luxurious interior design, rich functionality and high-quality finishing materials. In addition, the Chinese crossover received sound insulation, which Renault Arkana does not have.

In technical parameters, the Haval H5 also wins, despite the presence of a single engine – under the hood of the Chinese crossover is a 2-liter 190-horsepower turbo engine, while the Arkana is offered with 114-horsepower and 149-horsepower units. Also, the latter scares away motorists with a capricious variator, while the “Chinese” was endowed with a proven “automatic”.

Both cars have all-wheel drive, so the cars are adapted to Russian conditions. Thus, the Haval H5 after the appearance on the Russian market will “kill” Renault Arkana. The chic “Chinese” is superior to the stylish and recognizable “Frenchman” in everything.


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