COVID-19 has devastated. Not only has it claimed thousands of lives, but it has also caused a break in daily life that has forced many companies to apply for ERTEs and has sent many people to unemployment. In the case of transport, not only has it not stopped its activity, but it has increased it, always with the aim of guaranteeing all the required supplies.An effort of a good number of employers and workers that LA NUEVA ESPA√ĎA and LEXTRANSPORT consider deserve recognition. Therefore, this head and the company for legal advice and assistance to transport, from Asturias and for all of Europe, have joined forces to launch a platform that will collect messages of support for the sector. Anyone or anyone who wants to, may leave, at the bottom, some lines of encouragement and recognition to all those who consider that they deserve it, and these will be published on the website of this newspaper.

This platform will have a double objective, sinceAll workers in the freight transport sector who have any questions or seek information on any matter related to the health crisis, the state of alarm or government decrees, will also be able to access it, and the various professionals who make up LEXTRANSPORT will get at your entire disposal. From the team of lawyers that make up the VALLEON ABOGADOS law firm to courses, solutions for the digital tachograph, documentation necessary to circulate throughout Europe, job analysis, roadside assistance or a WhatsApp channel where you can receive updated information on the sector.
Here you can obtain information and resolve all doubts:

And is that,The solution to a problem or the answer to any question necessarily involves having a trusted professional with you.


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