Thank you Melilla – Melilla News

By Pilar Fernández, pta Metastatic Breast Cancer Association SICO

On Tuesday a show in favor of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association entitled “More than a concert” was premiered in the auditorium of the UNED in Melilla. The play directed by the actor and theater producer Fran Antón López, shows the reality of this harsh reality through a testimony turned into a musical. When I thought that nothing else could surprise me during my visit to this city, Fran Antón López and Verónica García Canela have gone one step further and left me breathless. The story that was told there and that is a reflection of the situation that thousands of people are going through, was none other than my own story. A testimony that I wrote 3 years ago and that shows my journey during the 29 years that I have lived with cancer. A story that could be that of any of my colleagues (perhaps a little longer) and that has been brought to the stage with a sensitivity and professionalism typical of the director of the play.

A story turned into a musical with a group of artists who created magic with their sensitivity and their incredible voices. I no longer have words of thanks or appreciation for this wonderful show. Thank you very much Fran Antón for this farewell gift for your love and because in addition to the artist I have discovered a wonderful person, one of whom is worth having around. Thanks Fran and Vero for everything… and much more… Thanks also to María Mendoza, Delia Pardo, Ángela Hernández, Clara Espejo, Mery Montero, Riduan Moh, Alejandra Almendros and Antón producciones for your work and for understanding the message and putting yourself in my skin .

Thanks to #Humedmelilla for opening his house to us. As I already mentioned that day, they say that “THE SKIN BELONGS TO WHO’S THE HEDGEHOG”. Today my skin belongs to you and part of my heart stays here with you. Thanks Melilla.