“Thanks to all the staff of the” Medicine C “and” Hospice “departments of the hospital” a reader writes – Newsbiella.it

I am writing these few lines, on behalf of myself and my family, to thank all the medical and auxiliary staff of the “Medicine C” and “Hospice” wards of the Biella Hospital of the Sick. In recent days we have found ourselves catapulted into a vortex of fears, hopes, pain, but still having to make difficult decisions on both the emotional and psychological side.

Well, immersed in this reality, which you selfishly think can only happen to others, we have found “PEOPLE” before medical personnel, who have taken care of our family and of us. Furthermore I would like that, before criticizing always and in any case, before “shooting zero”, everyone would take a moment to reflect on the work these people do, because this is about people, not machines, and the reality that they face and manage every day, and more often than not, not adequately remunerated and recognized. Thanks again from my heart, good work