Thanks to the $1.7 billion pot, there are still $2,000 worth of fresh relief checks available to hundreds of thousands of Americans

There’s still hope for hundreds of thousands of Americans to get extra cash to combat rising costs.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is again pushing for sending $2,000 in relief checks to low-income families.

Gov. Wolf first proposed the $1.7 billion PA Opportunity Program in February.

Republicans in the General Assembly did not support funding the plan, saying it would exacerbate inflation.

Inflation is at 9.1% – the highest in four decades.

The governor is reviving the proposal after touring the state and speaking to Americans, who said the money would help their families.

45 cities and states are offering monthly direct payments worth up to $18,000

Who qualifies for the program?

If approved, the program would send $2,000 in direct payments to Pennsylvania households currently earning $80,000 or less.

If passed, at least 250,000 homes in Keystone State are expected to benefit from the program.

Supporters of the plan hope the money will help Pennsylvanians weather tough financial times many have faced in recent years.

How much will the program cost?

Under Governor Wolf’s original proposal, the PA Opportunity Program would cost approximately $500 million.

The plan is part of a larger $1.7 billion proposal designed to help not only residents but also small businesses still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The money will also be provided to support Pennsylvania’s healthcare system.

where does the money come from

Originally, the PA Opportunity Program was to be funded from the $2 billion that the state of Pennsylvania received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Philadelphia Senator Christine Tartaglione, who introduced the bill, said in a memo that this program will be different.

Senator Tartaglione said the money to cover the relief checks will not come from ARPA funds, but from the state’s general fund.

Gov. Wolf said, “…we still have the funds to make this investment in the people of Pennsylvania now.”

At the moment, any possibility of sending aid funds has to be approved by the General Assembly.

They won’t get back together until September.

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