Entertainment That 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' meme was started by...

That ‘LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder’ meme was started by nothing less than Dolly Parton


And yet, the little country music monarch has submerged her well-groomed feet in a very 21st century achievement: inventing a successful meme.

Ok, Boomer!

It seems that Ms. Parton was the first to participate in what some have called the “social challenge”, a mosaic of four photos of possible profile photos for social networking sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

On January 21, the 74-year-old woman debuted with her collage: for the LinkedIn professional networking site, Dolly is in a buttoned school mode. For Facebook, ideal for families, Dolly with a cheerful Christmas sweater. For Instagram based on aesthetics, Dolly in black and white with high waist flared pants and a guitar in his hand. And for the Tinder dating app, Dolly with the bunny outfit she posed for Playboy.

“Get him a woman who can do it all,” he wrote, a phrase that has already become a familiar Internet proverb. She punctuated the sentence with a cunning emoji winking, as if saying: “You know I’m not really in Tinder, but I’m modern enough to get the reference.”
Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Naomi Campbell and Mark Ruffalo In addition, thousands of non-famous people quickly clung to the idea and published their own versions. His were also pretty and flickering, and they worked primarily as an excuse to post four flattering photos at once.

It is not clear if Parton is aware of the mild social media storm it created. CNN contacted the Parton publicist to confirm if the star has its own social media accounts but has not received a response.

So, for who is responsible for Dolly’s new social success, brave. But he could not have fooled us that he would ever use LinkedIn to expand his professional circle.



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