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Sushi is trendy – especially in big cities. A look at the prices in Bremen and Hanover shows what you have to pay for it in restaurants on average.

Bremen/Hanover – For many people in Germany, going out for a Japanese meal means going out for sushi. More and more restaurants are not only opening in big cities and promise good cuisine from the Far East. And the rolls made of rice, seaweed and co. have also arrived in supermarkets in the countryside. While the quality naturally varies from restaurant to restaurant, a city ranking now shows where in Germany how much money has to be spent on sushi rolls.

The list is based on data compiled by the delivery service expert Hello Fresh in 15 cities. The figures determined are based on an unscientific and therefore unrepresentative survey. Lieferando says that at least ten menus have been viewed for each city. Depending on availability, online menus from randomly selected restaurants in each city and/or prices from delivery services are selected – for dishes that are as suitable as possible.

Sushi in Hanover is particularly cheap – Bremen is in the middle range in terms of price

Overall, the sushi ranking actually shows a clear gradient. At the top is Munich (9.74 euros), followed by Düsseldorf (9.10 euros) for four different sushi rolls. Hanover, on the other hand, appears in last place, i.e. the most cost-effective place for customers. In the Lower Saxony state capital, four versions of the Japanese seaweed dish cost an average of just 5.65 euros.

A ranking by Hello Fresh has now revealed how much sushi costs in 15 major German cities. (Iconic image) © IMAGO / Wirestock

Bremen, on the other hand, comes in seventh in the Hello Fresh ranking with exactly seven euros – a comfortable average, so to speak. As in all other cities, you have a sashimi shake (raw slices of fish), a California roll (with crab meat), nigiri maguro (tuna slices on rice) and ebi tempura (shrimp) on your plate or in the delivery box.

Hanover in first place in the prize for Sashimi Shake

In Hanover, the price for the sashimi shake stands out. At 1.43 euros, it is not as cheap in any of the other major cities surveyed. The same sushi costs 2.69 euros per piece in Munich and 1.72 euros in Bremen, according to the survey. In this detailed ranking, too, the city on the Isar is in first place, while the city on the Weser is again in midfield with eighth place. Steffen Henssler’s recently opened sushi restaurants, for example, are slightly more expensive in Bremen.

The prices for Ebi Tempura are also interesting in the ranking. With 1.59 euros per piece, Bremen is above Munich, where the sushi variant costs 1.53 euros, but is delivered or served with one roll more per portion on average. Hanover is once again at the forefront in this comparison: an Ebi Tempura roll costs 1.04 euros, which is not cheap in any of the 14 other major cities.

The 15 big cities in a sushi comparison

Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart

In fact, Hello Fresh does not only refer to the offers of the restaurants and delivery services. Rather, there is also a tip for all sushi fans who do not want to rely on the prices and quality of third parties: “Even at home, your own creation of sushi can taste very good and maybe even be easy on the wallet.” Whether this with specially purchased products is prepared or an offer from Hello Fresh is used, in the end every sushi fan has to decide for themselves. An interesting alternative are, for example homemade fish stick sushi sandwiches.

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