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  • Ready meals and brain degeneration: Zusammenhang beststigt
  • They show up after just 28 days Damage to areas of the brain
  • Frozen pizza, potato chips, cold cuts: Are so harmful highly processed foods

It’s nothing new: Bad nutrition is often the trigger for many health problems. In general, fast food, frozen products, sweets and snacks are associated with diseases such as obesity (pathological obesity) and type 2Diabetes. Researchers of the Ohio State University in the US, however, according to a new study on the subject unhealthy diet Another terrifying insight gained: a persistent poor diet also has a negative effect on the brain. According to the investigation, she promotes neurodegenerative diseases and can therefore to Memory problems and even to Alzheimer’s lead.

Dangerous enjoyment: Frozen pizza, potato chips and sausage are particularly harmful to the brain

The foods targeted by the study are highly processed foods. Said consumption products go through during their production several processing steps and included many ingredientswhose names can often hardly be pronounced and quite a few additives. The naturalness of the products is completely lost. One of the reasons why highly processed foods sell so well is because they get through the Addition of flavor enhancers, sugar and fat taste especially good and on the other hand because theirs Inexpensive to manufacture is. Also the long shelf life through Preservatives speaks for these foods.

The study on the subject featured one Period of four weeks a human diet of ready-to-eat highly processed foods mimicked in rats. One of the foods that are specifically named in the study is popular products such as potato chips, frozen pizza and pasta as well as cold cuts. At the end of the 28 days of the experiment, the researchers found that the consumption of these foods led to an inflammatory reaction in the brain, especially in aging rats, and was associated with signs of impending memory loss. The study results were published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

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In the experiment, male rats were aged three and 24 months divided into three groups. The allocation took place after Random principle. The animals of the first group received normal food, the second group received highly processed food, which consisted for the most part of refined carbohydrates. A third group also received highly processed foods, those with a certain omega-3 fatty acid called Docosahexaensure (DHA) was added.

Worrying finding: Increased inflammation levels in the brain after a short time

In several brain areas of the older rats, which were fed with highly processed foods, could greatly increased inflammation values to be determined. In the other test animals of all groups, however, this could not be determined: neither in normally fed young rats nor in older rats that were fed processed food with DHA (omega 3).

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The older rats that ate the processed food showed in behavioral experiments Signs of memory losswhich did not occur in the young rats. According to the researchers, they also had problems with contextual memory and showed no fear behavior on hazard warnings. This indicates abnormalities in the brain area of ​​the amygdala.

“The fact that we’re seeing these effects so quickly is one little worrying. These results suggest that consuming processed foods can lead to significant and sudden memory loss. In the aging population, there is a greater likelihood that such memory loss will lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ”reports the study author Ruth Barrientos from the Ohio State University Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research in a press release.

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Conclusion: Avoid heavily processed foods

Another hypothesis of the researchers was confirmed: rats of both age groups who were served processed food gained weight. It was noticeable that the old rats gained significantly more weight than the young. The intake of DHA also did not prevent weight gain.

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Barrientos therefore emphasizes that people should not interpret the results as a license to consume processed foods as long as they are taken with DHA (Omega 3) supplementation. Instead, they should focus on overall dietary improvement to prevent the numerous negative effects of highly processed foods.

In summary, it can be said that the research results can be applied to humans. Highly processed foods lead to a variety of health problems that can even affect brain health. In order to prevent neurodegenerative diseases, you should avoid these foods and instead pay attention to a healthy and wholesome diet and sufficient exercise.

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