That’s how it was to play King of Norway

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Søren Pilmark as King Haakon in “Atlantic Crossing”.

Danish Søren Pilmark has the role of King Haakon 7th in the DR series “Atlantic Crossing”. He was the grandfather of Norway’s current king.

65-year-old Søren Pilmark portrays the Danish-born King Haakon VII of Norway in the DR series “Atlantic Crossing”, and here he puts into words what it was like to play the role.

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– It was a great honor. To me, he seems like he was very held and well-liked and behaved decently and properly. So I thought I would like to portray him, said Søren Pilmark, when he appeared in DR’s “Aftenshowet”, and continued:

– But Haakon was over two meters tall and I am only 1.81, so sometimes I had to walk in some very high shoes, and other times it did not matter.

The prince became king

Haakon was the son of King Frederik VIII and Queen Louise and grew up in Denmark as Prince Carl.

He married Princess Maud of Great Britain and together they had a child, the son Prince Alexander – the later Crown Prince Olav.

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After the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905, Danish Prince Carl was proposed as a candidate for the Norwegian throne.

After a referendum, he was elected King of Norway in November 1905. He adopted the old royal name Haakon, while his son was named Olav.

Pilmark’s real beard

Every Sunday, Søren Pilmark can be experienced as the Norwegian king, and as part of the preparations he had to change his appearance a bit.

– It was winter and usually night shots, and that means I could not get glued mustache on. So I had to grow my own mustache, and it was something that had to hang down over my lip – for half a year! But of course you stretch as much as possible for a role, he said in “Aftenshowet”.

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The TV series “Atlantic Crossing” is broadcast on DR1 every Sunday at 20.00.


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