That’s how much the Chinese Ora’s first electric car in Europe costs

The Ora Cat is an eccentric but lovable-looking Chinese electric car that sold nearly 50,000 units in its domestic market last year. The model, which has a slightly retro effect with round headlights, has already been introduced to European audiences, and the management of the Ora brand, part of the Great Wall Motors (GWM) carmaker group, has also announced that the urban electric car will be available in Europe. It was originally promised to start shipping by the beginning of 2022, but this has not yet happened. Recently, however, new information has arrived.

A press release was published on the company’s UK website, showing that the car will go on the market in the UK this autumn, and shortly after the orders are placed, deliveries to Europe will begin. The model has changed its name anyway and is now called Funky Cat instead of Cat. Distribution will start with a First Edition version, which will be available from £ 30,495, or around £ 14 million, after the £ 1,500 UK electric car subsidy. From 2023, new versions will arrive which, according to previous information, will be able to take home as much as £ 25,000.

The First Edition comes with a 48 kWh battery and a range of approximately 310 km WLTP. The maximum available charging power is 80 kW on the DC network via the CCS connector and 11 kW on the AC network on 11 phases. The battery is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 8 years / 160 thousand km.

The Funky Cat has 126 kW of power and the electric motor drives the front axle. Acceleration releases 250 Nm of torque, from 0 to 100 km / h in about 8.3 seconds.

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Behind the seats of the 4235 mm long, 1825 mm wide and 1603 mm high vehicle, there is 228 liters of luggage space, which can be expanded to 858 liters by folding down the seats. Standard features include adaptive cruise control, 360-degree cameras, reversing camera, LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 10.25-inch infotainment display and the same digital dashboard unit, as well as wireless phone charging and also keyless start.

More than six thousand have already registered their interest on its website, according to Ora, and the model’s UK premiere in April was also a huge success. A refundable deposit will be available from June. Sales will be in a hybrid system, with a strong emphasis on trading, but the brand’s products will also be available for purchase online. According to press reports, in addition to the Funky Cat, the Lightning Cat electric sedan is also expected in Europe.

It is not yet known when distribution will begin in other European markets.

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