That’s how much the performances of Hungarian performers cost

Summer is coming soon and the concert season is about to begin: most domestic performers are already full on their calendars. Even so, the prices of the performances have risen a lot in the last few years. Some people ask for seven million forints for a concert.

A Glance he was in possession of a list showing who would receive how much for an action. According to the list, the most popular performers, such as Tankcsapda, Majka and Curtis or Beatrice, ask for 2.5-7 million forints for a concert.

Photo: TV2

The most expensive for many years is the Tank Trap, who play for seven million forints, but the Majkas don’t miss much, they take on a concert of about six and a half million, which is twice the money in 2018. Wellhello is asking for four million for an action.

The manager of the Tank Trap told the paper, revealing what it would cost so much at a concert. “The complex question is, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a self-organized concert where nearly two hundred people are working at once, or we’re going to a festival where a lot of things are already there, but we still arrive with about twenty staff, four trucks. This year will be a cautious year in every way because the organizers, the audience and the bands will only see how it ends after the season. This is the first year since Covid that the musicians’ concert calendars are finally full. We cautiously raise as much as it costs us to move this production machinery year after year, but we need to know that creating such a production is a huge amount of money, and a significant portion of it is recycled back into the band, such as the concert scene. So it’s not just that the revenue from the performances is simply shared between the three people on stage. ” – He told.

Of course, there are also cheaper performers who don’t have a band behind them, obviously they can ask for less for a hack. Bebe, known from Back II Black, raised the price even before the pandemic, but not since, so his forty-minute show costs 275 thousand forints.