That’s it? with Maren Kroymann


Christa Nickels was a nurse and a Green Party politician, both of which she was passionate about. She was always one of the first and wanted to make a difference, whether as a young girl at school or in the eighties. She co-founded the party “Die Grünen” in North Rhine-Westphalia and belonged to the first all-female parliamentary group leader, the Feminat. As a young woman, she got involved in the Bundestag, which – as she tells Maren Kroymann in the podcast – was just dripping with the spirit of patriarchy. She gave speeches that even left Helmut Kohl almost speechless. Where the now 69-year-old got her courage from and how she was able to draw a line under her working life in order to be able to devote herself fully to her garden, she tells Maren Kroymann in this episode “Was that it?”. Each guest in this podcast is allowed to bring a personal tip to make other women more visible. Christa Nickels raves about the actress and director Antje Hochholdinger, whom she has seen in the theater several times. On stage and in the background. And Maren tells how important it is as an actress over 50 to build up a second source of income. Because the roles for women over 50 are becoming fewer and fewer. That’s it? is a Bremen Zwei production.

Published on:

July 21, 2022

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July 20, 2027

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