That’s what he came for! Robert Lewandoski and an incredible debut with Barcelona

Written in MEXICO the 8/8/2022 · 00:55 hs

After long months of sports slumps and institutional problems, the Barcelona he returned to the quality of play that plagued many in European football. But despite the good moment he knows that the season will be tough.

That is why in the transfer market they went looking for a powerful Forward that assures them goals. And so, Robert Lewandoski He was the one to fill the position.

Barcelona. Fuente: (Twitter)

Barcelona was a long time behind Robert Lewandoskibut when the Polish he put on his shirt blaugrana more than fulfilled. The cule faced Pumas for the Joan Camper Trophy and won convincingly.

In the match, the polish striker He had a great performance against the Mexican team and scored his first goal 3 minutes into the game.

Robert Lewandowski. Fuente: (Twitter)

Although the sporting difference between Barcelona and Pumas, the performance of Robert in the goleada it was surprising. And although it was not an official match, the athlete He has already shown that he has great potential to play in the cule.

Barcelona. Fuente: (Twitter)

Lewandoski’s debut in La Liga

After having a season where goals were elusive, Robert Lewandoski scored for him Barcelona in the match against Pumas. But now all the fans want to see him in the Spanish league.

The cule will play against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday the 13th at 2:00 p.m. in Mexico.