We might as well start with the series that is officially dethroned The Punisher Meets Archie Riverdale – and these days, that's saying something. Over the past decade, Archie Comics has published a note of crossover where young Mr. Andrews and his pals have met KISS, the Ramones, Barack Obama, Batman, Sharknado … you get the idea. Batman, Judge Dredd, Judge Dredd, The Justice League, and The Course of the Coming Up Alien, So weird as it might seem, this one was almost inevitable.

It lives up to its premise, too. Over the course of four issues, Alex de Campi and veteran Archie artist Fernando Ruiz sends Riverdale into a hard-bloodbath courtesy of a teenage Predator who – of course – if in love with Betty and Veronica. Jughead, Dilton, Cheryl Blossom and Sabrina the Teenage Witch all have their heads off, Betty loses on arm, and Archie somehow manages to die twice in the span of a single story. That's not even the strangest part.

For that, it'd have to be a toss-up between Dilton revealing that he's created a Pacific rim-style mech suit (complete with missile launchers) that looks just like Archie because he realized that's who his built around, and the fact that while they defeat the Predator, Betty and Veronica are not content to just leave him as a dead body. Instead, they use Hiram Lodge's cloning machine to revive and reshape him into their new Archie, which is as a more-or-less happy ending for everyone who's still alive. Seriously: this comic rules.


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