that’s why Laura Cserpes regularly buys live carp in stores

2023. 01. 14. 12:00

Surprise at the ATV recording

“For us, this was a constant problem,” ATV explained after recording #Bochkor.

Gábor Bochkor’s guests on ATV’s Sunday night show talked about animal protection, when the singer opened up about a sexual habit. According to Vele, it has happened several times that he buys live pnyts in supermarkets in order to return them to their natural habitat. “This happens often, but obviously not every time. There were times when I bought these carp individually and not to eat them,” he told after the recording.

“When I was at home, in Kapuvár, I let her go to the Rába, or to Lake Váti, when I was in Budapest, to the Danube,” he added, and also said that this was a recurring problem in their family. “I took everything home. I was already at school when my mom went into my room to tidy up and found two small cats in a box. I took him home from the street. Maybe that’s why they sometimes save carp,” the singer continued to the portal.

ATV’s show #Bochkor will be shown on Sunday evening at 20:50, after Heti Napló with András Sváby. Anita Tornoczky, Zoltán Szécsi and Márk Lakatos will also be among the guests.

Cover photo: Instagram/cerpeslaura