After filtering the scores of some of the top 100 players, EA Sports has unveiled the best kept secret: the ten highest 'ratings'.

In this list abound the forwards, there is a goalkeeper and a single defense. Find out who are the 10 best in the world, according to FIFA 19.

10. Toni Kroos

90 – The German midfielder sneaks into the top ten. Of course, the pass is consolidated as its best quality.

9. David de Gea

91 – Despite his role in the World Cup in Russia, the game values ​​his great performance at Manchester United. He is the only goalkeeper on this list.

8. Luis Suárez

91 – The Uruguayan international striker of FC Barcelona is still among the best. They shine their 90 points in shot.

7. Sergio Ramos

91 – The captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team, a guarantee in FIFA 19. Quoted for its defensive qualities and its physique.

6. Eden Hazard

91 – The talented Belgian playmaker shines for his rhythm and dribbling. Unstoppable in the one against one the star of Chelsea.

5. Kevin de Bruyne

91 – De Bruyne, champion of the Premier, is consolidated as one of the five best in the game. Master of the pass the footballer of the City.

4. Luka Modric

91 – Chosen best player of the World Cup in Russia, Modric looks better numbers than ever. To highlight, his pass and his ability to dribble.

3. Neymar Jr.

92 – The Brazilian striker gets into the 'top 3' after his good performances at PSG. Dodge is your best virtue.

2. Leo Messi

94 – The best dribbler in the game is again a guarantee of goal and overflow. Shot, rhythm, pass … Messi, the total footballer.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

94 – Emblem of FIFA 19, Cristiano Ronaldo starts off as the best footballer in the game. Your best mastery of the 'skills' places you as number one on the list.



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