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The 10 relieves of 2019

In 2018, it has been a year of historical relay: the first woman directing the Institut Ramon Llull (Iolanda Batallé), the first woman directing the CCCB (Judit Carrera) and the first artistic director of FiraTàrrega (Anna Giribet), an obvious example There was an abnormal situation in the Catalan institutions. It is reasonable to believe that this tendency will continue in 2019 to walk towards parity. The relocation to the Ministry of Culture, since May, occupied by Laura Borràs, has motivated some of the changes, such as Llull's and the Institution of Catalan Letters (Joan-Elies Adell), but they are left to do. In the Auditori there has been a delayed contest (Robert Brufau), and there are still many pending. This 2019 will be a year of changes: there are open processes, new strategic lines are expected to be deployed for some centers and it is the year of elections (at least) municipal.

Contest to close the crisis of the Teatre Lliure

The cultural bomb last year was the resignation of Lluís Pasqual on September 1 following a chained controversy that began with the announcement of its renewal and continued with the accusation of psychological ill-treatment on the part of an actress, lists of cross-signatures for and against, the announcement of a study of occupational risks and loss of confidence of the theater team in the director, as he justified himself for folding. The fact is that the Teatre Lliure entered into a crisis that was latent and forced it to renew the statutes. An urgent competition has also been opened (to which 11 candidates have been presented), which includes the limitation of two mandates from the director and a salary peak of 121,000 euros. The date planned to find out the name of the relay of Pasqual is between the end of February and the beginning of March. We will see if his poisonous prophecy is true: "In the networks it has been decided that I must be replaced urgently by a young woman."

The new director of the Liceu, a secret of the public domain

Christina Scheppelmann has had to carry out an artistic policy of containment during the five years that will have been at the head of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, since 2014, an economically delicate stage, focused on making the lyrical colosse viable. Saved by furniture, public institutions have decided to look for a new profile for management that will give it a new impetus, both nationally and internationally, and that is unchecked by this critical stage. A competition was convened, but even before it was called the name La Vanguardia Saturday advanced: Víctor García de Gomar, current attached artistic director of the Palau de la Música. Today the executive committee will meet to confirm it, although Scheppelmann has contract until December 2019, the beginning of the 20th anniversary of the re-inauguration of the Liceu.

Fourth direction for the Romea in a decade

The Teatre Romea will be facing a new stage in 2019 after a few convulsive years, with short and unpredictable relaying directions and stages of management vacancies in which the company Focus has assumed the command. In the last decade, since 2010, Calixto Bieito announced that he was leaving office after eleven years, every two years there has been a change to the Romea: they have been led by Julio Manrique (2011), Borja Sitjà (2014) and Carles Canut (2017), who died last April. Although Focus's flagship has not suffered any other public crisis since the 2012-13 season, the homogeneity of the artistic line has suffered, especially with the external productions it hosts, which do not marry own productions. The two last directors of the Romea have been names of the house, a habitual strategy in Focus. It would be logical, then, that the historic theater be given to a stage director or director who has already gone through Romea. The name will be announced on January 21.

The Fira Mediterrània will take a new course

After six years, David Ibáñez has left the direction of the fair of popular culture and music of traditional root and will be replaced by contest. In this time the fair has gained uniqueness, has become an interdisciplinary creative laboratory – it has tried new sounds, mixtures, community projects … – and, above all, has perfected its market work to help export Catalan creations. We will have to see the direction taken by the new management.

The Apolo Theater, a frustrated experiment

In July 2017 the company Ethika Global, specialized in the investment in the currency market, announced that it assumed the management of the Apolo Theater after the purchase of the room by a Spanish company that wanted to remain anonymous . They named Ricard Reguant as artistic director. A year and a half later, in December, the director was overcrowding in bad manners – with "nefarious" management accusations, "failure of the public and criticism" and asking him to pay half a million euros – he was abandoned the production in course and announced a rapid relief. This has not happened at this time, but the numerous debts of the theater with its suppliers have come to light, according to The Point today. For example, with Maña, Tropicana cabaret, costume designer Jordi Dalmau and the company Atrevia communication. Everything points to the fact that the case will end in the courts, and the future of the theater is in the air.

The Basin has expired and nobody cares for it

The first stage of the National Council of Culture and the Arts was short (2009-2011), and was hit by death when the minister Ferran Mascarell was sporadic of powers: resigned 10 advisers, all but one (Pilar Parcerisas) . The second stage began in 2012, which today still lasts exactly with the same six directors, except one, resigned in 2014 (Valentí Puig). This means that seven years ago they are in charge, five years ago that there is a vacancy – two since November (Gemma Sendra) – ten years ago that Parcerisas is an adviser and that the others have also expired : four years ago two years ago and the other two should end this January. The relief has been delayed waiting for an announced reformulation of the organism, which, due to the relief of the Generalitat and the lack of initiative of the Parliament, never arrives. The result is that the body that should oversee cultural policies and make the step does not have a binding capacity beyond the award of the National Prizes. It receives 1.27 million euros per year.

In the Archaeological Museum, silence in the room

The directors of the history museums of this country change practically without making any noise. It happened with the relief of Jusèp Boya at the head of the History Museum of Catalonia, where he replaced Margarida Sala functions in 2016. He consolidated the position, although he had so little echo that Wikipedia still does not do it for definitive In the Archaeological Museum, a carambola of appointments has brought the same Jusèp Boya to direct it into functions. The former director, Josep Manuel Rueda, went to the Catalan Heritage Agency; Elsa Ibar, to occupy the general direction of Cultural Heritage, and Boya jumped to the place of the first. The Ministry of Culture announced a contest "coming soon." That was in September. There is no needle thread.

The mysterious programmer of the Arts Santa Mònica

More flagrant is the case of the Arts Santa Mònica center. What is it dedicated to? Who the program? What exhibits will it host? Or will not he make more exhibitions? A year ago Jaume Reus left the address because the contract was over and they were not renewed. Months before, the Museum Plan indicated that there would be an architecture center, but half an year later the idea was ruled out. It is unknown what will happen in this space located in the most tourist artery of Barcelona. At the moment, the team of workers manages it "in the hope of defining a new project," they say from the Ministry of Culture. A new bend for this center, which has never consolidated its place on the map.

The Democratic Memorial stays in orphanage

The Ministry of Justice is in charge of the day to day of the Democratic Memorial from the first day of the year, when Plácido Garcia-Planas left management after three years. With a budget of 1.87 million, there are about 20 people working in the Memorial, including only two historians, although the work of this body should be to carry out historical research, as well as ensuring the memory spaces antifascist, physical and symbolic. But over the years, he has seen limited competencies in pedagogical and dissemination tasks and has been the victim of political pressure. In spite of this, it has a high symbolic and strategic value, and they have captured it first Interior, later Interior, later Exteriors and at the moment Justice. It will be necessary to see if we are once again gaining independence with a new direction or it is definitely absorbed.

La Fabra i Coats will now unite arts and education

Fabra i Coats's creation and arts center will redirect its objectives through a new joint management competition. Barcelona City Council Culture Commissioner wants to create in this factory complex a space that relates educational and cultural entities linked to the arts. That is to say, the center dedicated to contemporaryity, which at some moments has been thought of as the establishment of Macba, will now be integrated into a cultural mediation project. We will have to see how this project materializes.

Borràs ceases his cabinet chief, Montse Castellà

The counselor Laura Borràs has completed the restructuring of all the heads of her department. On the one hand, he has unexpectedly dismissed the tortoise Montse Castellà, who had assumed the position of cabinet chief seven months earlier. Spanish, personal friend of Borràs, had parked his musical career, which will now resume. The lawyer Maria Rosa Pons replaces her. On the other hand, Borràs also dismissed at the end of the year general secretary Maria Dolors Portús, who had assumed the position with Lluís Puig, although he worked in the department since 1993. Francesc Vilaró is replaced by the head of the cabinet technician of the Department of Culture.


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