The 12 most beautiful hikes to do around Hyères

Hiking in Hyères remains the best activity to discover all the beauties of this Var town and its surroundings: island and peninsula, beaches and salt marshes, but also limestone reliefs make up varied walking terrains, always with a backdrop , the Mediterranean Sea.

A spa resort from the earliest hours of tourism, Hyères has always had a vocation for relaxation and well-being. It must be said that the setting lends itself to it: the territory of the town and its surroundings, very varied, is not only a call to idleness but also an invitation to hiking, and there is plenty to do the walkers! From the flat and easy route, to the longer hike accumulating elevation, there is something for everyone, and all levels, with the hikes around Hyères.

We are in the Mediterranean, the hiking season is optimal from avril and this until october, with many days of walking ahead of you. On beautiful winter days, the freshness of the air keeps the atmosphere pure for perfect visibility, with few people on the trails.

Be careful, however, when hiking in the middle of summer: the risk of fire is real, especially when the wind is blowing hard, and some trails may be closed to you. Also always bring water and something to protect yourself from the sun, which is essential for hiking in Hyères in complete safety.

The most beautiful hikes around Hyères

1. The Pointe des Chevaliers circuit

The Pointe des Chevaliers circuit

Photo credit: Alltrails

Let’s start with a great classic of hiking in Hyères, on the Giens peninsula: the latter belongs to the municipality of Hyères, but it is separated from the mainland by a double tombolo, which places it 25 minutes by car downtown.

The Pointe des Chevaliers circuit corresponds to the western coastal path of the peninsula: an unmissable and spectacular hike, short but with a drop in altitude (provide good shoes, and the water reserve for the entire route), where you sees little beaches and hidden creeks, islets and rocky points, all bathed in the smell of pine trees… Simply superb!

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Heavily wooded, this trail is likely to close in summer for fire risk, find out before you go.

2. The eastern loop of the Giens peninsula

Hyères hikes: The eastern loop of the Giens peninsula

Photo credit: Alltrails

Let’s stay a little longer on the Giens peninsula, for another hike in Hyères not to be missed. This time, it’s about going around the eastern part of the peninsula, with many breaks on the way on the small beaches that dot the route. A magnificent layout.

Very pleasant and without major difficulty, this route is, moreover, less frequented than the previous one, and is not subject to closures for the risk of fire.

3. From Château d’Hyères to Mont Fenouillet

From Château d'Hyères to Mont Fenouillet

Photo credit: Alltrails

Let’s change sector, with this hike in Hyères which begins in the historic heart of the city, on the hill of Castéou where the remains of the castle of Hyères are enthroned. The objective is to reach the summit of Mont Fenouillet, 291 meters above sea level.

Obviously, the route climbs a little, but the efforts to be made are rewarded up there by a splendid panorama over Hyères and its region, with the peninsula of Giens, the Golden Islands (Porquerolles, Port Cros and the Ile du Levant), the harbor of Toulon and the great blue of the Mediterranean before your eyes.

4. The old saltworks of Hyères

Hyères hikes: The old salt marshes of Hyères

Photo credit: Alltrails

This hike in Hyères, of very easy level, is more of the order of a pretty walk, but you will be amazed in this flat and surprising setting of old salt marshes. A natural area that today hosts many species of birds, including flamingos.

The trail, which starts at 12 minutes from the center of Hyères, runs along the pleasant beach of Vieux Salins, where the swimsuit remains optional for the dizzy.

5. Fort de la Gavaresse from Le Pradet

Fort de la Gavaresse from Le Pradet

Photo credit: Alltrails

A 20 minutes by car, this hike around Hyères begins in Le Pradet, near the Garonne beach. The route takes you to discover the small Colle Noire massif, crisscrossed by many paths, with an ascent to the Fort de la Gavaresse from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the sea.

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6. From Argentière beach to Fort Brégançon

Hyères hikes: From Argentière beach to Fort Brégançon

Photo credit: Alltrails

Among the very beautiful hikes around Hyères, this route will delight lovers of coastal paths, who like to take a swimming break, or several, along the way. Bring a swimsuit, but especially good shoes, because the path, stony, can be technical in places.

Departing from Argentière beach (20 minute drive from Hyères), the route follows the superb Var coast, through the preserved landscapes of the Port-Cros National Park. On the way, we cross several pretty beaches, before reaching the mythical fort of Brégançon. Return by the same path, which is difficult to get tired of.

7. Mont Fenouillet from La Crau

Mont Fenouillet from La Crau

Photo credit: Alltrails

Here is a variant to climb to the summit of Mont Fenouillet, starting from La Crau, at less than 15 minutes by car. The path is largely wooded and hilly, surrounded by nature, and you are rewarded for your efforts by beautiful views of the surroundings, Hyères, the Var coast, the Maures massif…

This hike around Hyères is aimed at motivated and enduring walkers, because it combines a significant drop in altitude with a substantial number of kilometres: be warned, and bring the water supply!

8. Stroll around the La Castille Foundation

Hyères hikes: Walk around the La Castille Foundation

Photo credit: Alltrails

Still in the La Crau sector (15 minute drive), this hike around Hyères is both easy and pleasant, accessible to all.

From the La Castille Foundation, this pretty loop lets us discover the wine-growing facet of the region, following the refreshing course of the Gapeau at first, then skirting the plots of vines. An invigorating hike, in the form of a stroll.

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9. Around La Londe-les-Maures

Around La Londe-les-Maures

Photo credit: Alltrails

A 15 minute drivethe interest of this hike around Hyères is to explore the varied territory of La Londe-les-Maures.

Departure from the city centre, before crossing hills and vineyards on the countryside side, then reaching the seafront with the beaches and the small port of Miramar with seaside accents. The route is flat, easy level.

10. Around Lake Trapan

Hyères hikes: Around the Trapan lake

Photo credit: Alltrails

As the lake is prohibited for swimming, the main interest of this hike around Hyères lies more in the viewpoints that open onto the surroundings: the Var coast, the fort of Brégançon, the Golden Islands, the plain from Hyères, etc.

A nice walk in a beautiful southern setting, in the heart of the typical landscapes of the Var hinterland.

The most beautiful hikes in Porquerolles

First of the Golden Islands off Hyères, Porquerolles, like all of this small archipelago, is attached to the town. To get there, it’s easy, shuttles (paying) make the connection from the pier of the Fondue tower, on the peninsula of Giens. Count 25 minute drive more the small crossing to reach Porquerolles: then the beautiful paths of the island are yours…

11. The western loop of Porquerolles

The western loop of Porquerolles

Photo credit: Alltrails

Hiking in Hyères is also done in the islands: directly from the pier in Porquerolles, you can continue with this coastal route which crisscrosses the entire west of the island, through paradisiacal landscapes.

Plan a day outing to take the time to walk at your own pace along the rocky points while enjoying the beaches and coves encountered along the way (Argent beach, Grand Langoustier beach, Calanque du Bregançonnet, etc.).

12. The central loop of Porquerolles

Hyères hikes: The central loop of Porquerolles

Photo credit: Alltrails

Among the hiking grounds around Hyères very popular with walkers, Porquerolles has enough paths to go all around the island, if you feel like it.

Shorter and more accessible for a day trip, this route gives you a good overview of Porquerolles in its wildest part. After crossing the island from the pier, you indeed reach the south coast, rocky, cut and preserved, in a word magnificent.