The 2018 white year "cost" 81.1 billion euros to the state


Gérald Darmanin, July 17, 2019 at the Elysée. – LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

How much does the white year represent in 2018 for the state? Its implementation in the frame
of the withholding tax represents a shortfall of 81.1 billion euros, reveals this Thursday the Minister of Public Accounts
Gerald Darmanin.

When introducing the withholding tax in 2019, the government decided not to tax the current income of 2018 (wages, pensions, etc.), as this would have resulted in double taxation for households that year. Technically, this tax neutralization was done via a tax credit recovery modernization (CIMR).

Nearly nine billion euros returned to households

"75.2 billion euros were charged in lower revenues" to the state budget, via this CIMR indicated Gerald Darmanin at a hearing before the deputies of the Finance Committee. In addition, $ 5.9 billion was returned to households with tax cuts or credits that were maintained despite the blank year, he added.

All in all, if there had not been a blank year, the State should have recovered 81.1 billion euros paid by 18.5 million households in respect of the income tax of 2018 , said Gerald Darmanin.




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