The 2020 iPhone will have 5G, but it is not the only thing that Apple is preparing | Smartphones

With ten months to go until future iPhone 12s hit stores, the first information that speaks of everything new that they will bring, and when it comes to 5G connectivity there are contradictory versions. While some analysts speak that we will not see them next year, others are convinced that 2020 will be key to their landing in the entire range of smartphones of the Americans.

So much so that they not only say that all iPhone 12 next year will have that 5G connection, but they venture to talk about figures, about the millions of chips that will be needed to cover the alleged demand to be produced.

Qualcomm, the company behind Apple’s 5G

What no one doubts is that Qualcomm will be the company behind the manufacture of these 5G chips (X55) that will be needed for next year’s terminals. Recall that the Cupertino people took over Intel’s mobile chip division just four months ago with the aim, precisely, of being self-sufficient when the time came to jump on the bandwagon of the new data networking standard.

Qualcomm headquarters.

Be that as it may, according to some sources such as Nikkei, they say that Apple’s estimates have grown in recent months and of the 75-80 million units they expected to sell of the iPhone 12 of 2020 have gone to more than 100. These may seem like exaggerated figures but it was Qualcomm itself that already declared a few days ago that it expected to meet the demand for between 175 and 225 million 5G chips that, in view of what we have seen, half would correspond only to the future terminals of those of Tim Cook.

Not only 5G: the iPhone 12 will have better …

… screen. That will be another component that all analysts already take for granted. that will be present in future Apple terminals. Upgraded OLED displays that will be much thinner than the ones you currently use and which have some significant advantages of energy efficiency, etc.

Be that as it may, it seems that with the next generation of smartphones de Apple, The iPhone could be at the gates of one of its most disruptive and successful generations. That is what analysts believe, then we will see if this is really the case or not.



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