The 2022 draft lottery is approaching – De Faja

Next Tuesday, May 17, the NBA Lottery will take place, the system that determines the order of selections for each franchise in the NBA Draft

The draw will take place this Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. in Mexico, 8:00 p.m. in the Eastern United States, 9:00 p.m. in Argentina and 2:00 a.m. in Spain.

¿What teams participate in the Draft Lottery?

The 14 franchises that failed to qualify for the Playoffs are eligible for the Lottery. They are: Cleveland, Charlotte, New York, Washington, Indiana, Detroit, Orlando, Clippers, San Antonio, Lakers, Sacramento, Portland, Oklahoma City and Houston.

However, neither of the two Los Angeles teams will have their pick, according to previous transfers: the Thunder owns the Clippers’ spot and the Pelicans own the Lakers’ spot.

¿What is the format for the Draft Lottery?

Facing the Lottery, different odds are awarded for each franchise, according to their record in 2021-2022. Those with the worst record have more chances to end up with one of the first selections and vice versa.

To avoid tanking strategies (teams that lose on purpose to be placed with better chances), the new format ensures that the team with the worst record in the league receives no less than the fifth pick in the Draft (previously it was fourth).

The new system equalizes the chances of the franchises that are at the top and the three teams with the worst regular season record will have the same percentage (14%) of winning the Lottery (previously, the best positioned had 25%, the second 19.9% ​​and third 15.6%).

The chances of the remaining entrants in this 14-team lottery will gradually narrow after the top three. For example, the difference between the first three seeds (14%) and the fourth (12.5%) is 1.5%. The difference between the rest goes down until the end.

What are the chances for each team in the Draft Lottery?
  • Houston Rockets > 14.0%
  • Orlando Magic > 14.0%
  • Detroit Pistons >14.0%
  • Oklahoma City Thunder > 14.0% *
  • Indiana Pacers >10,5%
  • Portland Trail Blazers > 9.0%
  • Sacramento Kings > 7.5%
  • New Orleans Pelicans > 6.0%
  • San Antonio Spurs > 4.5%
  • Washington Wizards> 3.0%
  • New York Knicks > 2.0%
  • Charlotte Hornets > 1.0%
  • Cleveland Cavaliers > 0.5%

* Adding his own pick and that of Clippers

The first round (15-30) and second round (31-60) selections are in reverse order of each team’s regular season record. Each NBA team has one first-round pick and one second-round pick, though some of those may be in the hands of other franchises due to trades.