the 2027 World Cup will take place in Australia, the United States will host the 2031 edition

World Rugby on Thursday formalized the awarding of the 2027 and 2031 World Cups to Australia and the United States respectively. The two countries will also host the women’s editions, in 2029 and 2033, while England will be the host country in 2025.

Meeting in Dublin this week, the leaders of World Rugby formalized this Thursday the host countries of the next World Cups. If France will organize the deadline next year, Australia will be the host country in 2027 and the United States will organize their first Men’s World Cup in 2031.

Australia and the United States will also host the Women’s World Cup

This will be Australia’s second World Cup after the 2003 edition. “The confirmation of the Rugby World Cup in Australia marks the start of a remarkable decade for international rugby in the country, with the Games Olympics, Commonwealth Games and hosting the British and Irish Lions,” the World Rugby statement said, as Australia will also host the women’s edition in 2029.

In addition, England has taken over the organization of the 2025 Women’s World Cup. The United States will also host the women’s competition in 2033, as part of “a long-term development plan”. World Rugby also underlined “the incredible development of women’s rugby in England”, which encourages “young people to practice rugby”.

The American candidacy had been supported by President Joe Biden, who had sent a letter to World Rugby at the end of April. “USA Rugby will now venture into a new era and ensure the sport’s most prestigious tournament is a springboard to igniting lasting excitement and passion for rugby from coast to coast,” said commented Ross Young, the general manager of the American Federation.

“The World Rugby Council has validated a new model for the organization of the Rugby World Cup based on partnership allowing to realize the opportunities for growth of rugby, continued the press release. The latter aims to provide certainty in the hosting the Rugby World Cups and driving the development of rugby globally by reaching more fans and finding new revenue streams to increase investment in the sport.”