The 3 most popular myths about heated floors

1. The best heated floor covering is tile

Previously, heated home bases were usually installed in hallways or bathrooms. Tiles are usually laid in these areas of the house, so it is mistakenly thought that these are the only ones that dissipate heat the best. Unfortunately, this attitude is already outdated, as evolving production technologies allow you to choose other modern coatings.

For example, high-quality parquet boards for heated floors – a great solution that gives the premises additional coziness. Modern parquet boards made of birch plywood and oak or ash boards – durable and strong. High quality materials ensure even heat transmission and distribution throughout the room. Exclusive board patterns and laying methods create a unique interior.

2. Underfloor heating is harmful to health

Heating a large area is often thought to be more “dusty” and therefore unsuitable for people with allergies. On the contrary, in a room heated by radiators, the air rises in one place and descends in another. It is this circulation of air that causes unpleasant sensations.

Equipped heated floor reduces air circulation as the room is heated evenly over the entire area. The heated base of the home reduces the level of humidity. It is safe to say that evenly distributed heat prevents the formation of mold.

3. Underfloor heating can only be installed in new construction homes

To choose another heating method in an old building, underfloor heating can also be installed. Of course, unlike installing new, renovating the heating of an old home, the processes can take time. The most important thing is to choose the right type of heating and take into account the need to cover a new floor covering that will be slightly higher than the old one.

Obviously, underfloor heating is one of the most popular heating options for homes today, especially in newly built homes. Heated floors can be installed in any area of ​​the house, as evolving manufacturing technologies allow for a variety of coatings to choose from. If you want stylish and pleasant barefoot walks, look for quality parquet boards.

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