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Changing the mobile plan saves a bit, but changing the box on the internet saves a lot. Indeed, from one Internet access provider to another, the rates can be diametrically opposed for services that are nevertheless quite close. It is therefore important to analyze to see all the services that are offered, and especially the price offered over the long term. Below we have listed the best deals of the moment, some of which are already expiring in the next 24 hours – Monday night at midnight.

If you want to make real savings on your internet box, it's time to look at what is happening on the market with current flash deals. As you will see below, some ISPs have breathtaking offers, but unfortunately they expire very soon. So you have to be responsive so you can save a lot on this product.

RED by SFR: the irresistible internet box

Right now, the operator RED by SFR is holding an absolutely unbeatable offer on its internet box, but it expires already this Monday evening. If you have planned to change your offer (or even if you have not planned to do so), we invite you to really consult the promotion of the moment. It is far ahead of that of all competitors, and it would be a shame to miss a few hours.

In its special offers, the RED by SFR internet box includes fiber with very high speed up to 1 GB / s for download and 200 MB / s for sending as well as unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles for € 22 per month: this price is insured for life, and the box remains as always without commitment.

If you have looked a bit at the other internet box offers, several things should convince you:

  • The price of the internet box In normal times, the "very high speed" and "unlimited mobile calls" options are charged € 5 per month each. In other words, the box RED by SFR as is normally sold at € 32 per month. If already at that price, it was a good deal, so the box Internet at 22 € is obvious.
  • The lifetime price guarantee As you will see in the lower offers, the advanced promotional rate for telecom operators generally lasts only the first year. At RED by SFR, the price displayed at this moment is guaranteed for life: it will never change, as long as the customer stays at home. This allows not to be surprised in time – as we could be at some ISPs who do not hesitate to double the price of their internet box after a few months.
  • The box is without commitment : the last argument for this offer is that it is without commitment – true to the principles of RED by SFR. Unlike traditional operators who all require a period of one year of minimum commitment (see Bouygues Telecom), RED by SFR leaves all the flexibility to its customers. This obviously forces him to have an irreproachable service at all times, at risk of seeing their customers leave the ship.

This offer on the red by SFR internet box expires Monday night, enjoy :

See the offer RED by SFR

The Sosh box: limited offer over 12 months

Like RED by SFR, Sosh also has an internet box available without commitment – which is already a very nice argument. The online subsidiary of the Orange group is currently offering an attractive discount on its flagship product, which however is only valid for the first 12 months. In this case, fiber with broadband (300 MB / s download and send), unlimited calls to landlines and the application Orange TV (not available on TV) is available for € 19.99 per month during the first year.

Beyond this period, the price for this box internet Sosh goes up to 29.99 euros per month. Unlike the RED by SFR box, it does not include unlimited calls to mobiles, and download speeds are much lower. In contrast, the Orange TV app is available on mobile and tablet. As mentioned above, the offer is not binding for the customer, which leaves flexibility.

See offer Sosh

Bouygues Telecom: classic, but effective

Among the traditional operators, there is also now a nice reduction on the internet box. This is the side of Bouygues Telecom that we must go looking for it. As we have said, this is a more traditional ISP, and all the offers below involve a one-year commitment period for the customer. Beyond that, he is free to leave. However, it will be necessary to pay attention because the price rises appreciably after the first 12 months.

  • The Bbox Fit internet box excludes fiber and is limited to ADSL and unlimited calls to landlines for 14.99 euros / month for one year. Beyond, it takes 24.99 euros / month.
  • The Bbox Must internet box includes fiber with broadband (500 MB / s download and 300 MB / s upload), unlimited calls to fixed and mobile and television for 19.99 euros / month the first year. Beyond, it takes 34.99 euros / month.
  • The Bbox Ultym internet box is the most upscale and complete: it includes very high speed (1 GB / s download, 500 MB / s upload), unlimited calls to fixed and mobile, TV, access 1000 newspapers and a bonus for 24.99 euros / month for the first 12 months. Beyond that, it will then count € 41.99 per month.

If you want to know more about Bouygues Telecom's offers, here it is:

See offer Bouygues

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