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The 34th Victoires de la musique unveil their winners

The Academy has chosen to highlight artists for many unknown two years ago, since just over a third of nominees are in the running with their first album.

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Eddy De Pretto has three nominations.
Eddy De Pretto has three nominations. JOËL SAGET / AFP

Alain Bashung, Etienne Daho, Eddy De Pretto, Chris, Jeanne Added, Angèle, Tim Dup, Aya Nakamura, Foé …, the 34e Victoires de la musique promise suspense for the winners that will be unveiled Friday, February 8 at the Seine musical.

Some 25 performances will be provided live, a unique exhibition in prime time for artists, some unknown, who can hope to seduce the general public.

Unknown artists there is little

Thirteen awards will be conferred by the 600 voters composing the academy (artists, record producers and shows, critics …), who chose to highlight artists for many unknown two years ago, since a little more a third of the nominees are in the running with their first album.

"One album out of four of the 200 best sellers in France is a first album. This is remarkable. It is the mission of Victories to highlight new talents ", underlines its president, Natacha Krantz-Gobbi.

Among them, revealed last year first by the scene and then with his first record PriestEddy De Pretto has three nominations including the one in the male artist category, against Etienne Daho, in search of a first coronation after … six failures at this stage, and the rapper brothers Bigflo & Oli, who do not cease to seduce the great public. De Pretto can also win in the brand new album category of urban music, where he will still face Bigflo & Oli and especially the sensation of the moment Aya Nakamura, and in the concert category against Orelsan and Shaka Ponk.

Female artist, the rating goes up for Jeanne Added who illuminated the return with his album Radiate and could style on the post Chris, already winner in 2015, and who made a significant comeback in 2018. Faced with them, Vanessa Paradis is not to be underestimated, she already has 7 wins including 3 majors.

Tributes and posthumous albums

Two tributes in music are planned, to celebrate the memory of Charles Aznavour and Jacques Higelin disappeared last year, the evening could climb a little more in emotion with the prospect of seeing Alain Bashung receive, ten years after his death, a Victory in the album category of songs, for his posthumous record Upstream. What to hoist him at the top of the charts alongside -M- (13 wins).

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