The 3rd favorite of L2 in the play-offs, but not in the play-offs

Before AJA tries this real obstacle course towards the elite, a look back at the three previous ones.

2017-2018: Ajaccio heckles Le Havre and pays dearly

The first Ligue 2 play-offs respected the hierarchy. After a victory (2-0) against Brest (5th) by Jean-Marc Furlan, Le Havre (4th) went to Ajaccio (3rd) where his bus was attacked by Corsican supporters, causing the match to be postponed. Two days later, the Ajacciens won on penalties (2-2 after, 5-3 on pens) in an electric atmosphere. Olivier Pantaloni’s men will pay dearly for these excesses.

Forced to play their first leg on neutral ground and behind closed doors, the ACA fell heavily (3-0) at “home”, in Montpellier, against Toulouse, 18th in L1, before losing 1-0 on the return to the Stadium against Toulouse people happy to stay in the top flight.

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AJA will receive Sochaux in the play-off this Friday, May 20

2018-2019: Lens surprises Troyes, but not Dijon

The following year, Lens (5th) carried out a robbery in the play-off. Surprise winners at Paris FC (1-1 after, 4-5 on pens), with a goal from Sénonais Thierry Ambrose, the Lensois of Philippe Montanier did it again in overtime (1-2 after) at Troyes (3rd).

The Northerners then seem to have the resources to cast doubt on Dijon FCO, 18th in L1. But after a draw (1-1) at home, Lens lost (3-1) in Côte-d’Or, thus extending the Dijon lease in the top flight for one year.

2020-2021: Toulouse fails by nothing

Until 2021, never an 18th in L1 had really trembled to stay in the play-offs. What would have happened on Mr. Bastien had whistled the hand of Charles Traoré ten minutes from the end of the return?

At this time, Toulouse (3rd), winner without trembling (3-0) of its play-off against Grenoble (4th), was one goal away from sending Nantes to L2. But the referee let play and Toulouse finally failed to join the elite on away goal after losing 1-2 at the Stadium in the first leg. His 0-1 success at La Beaujoire on the return was not enough to overthrow the hierarchy.

Of the three play-offs played by the third in Ligue 2 since 2018, two have lasted more than 90 minutes. In 2018, AC Ajaccio took out Le Havre (4th) on penalties, while Lens (5th) eliminated Troyes (3rd) after extra time the following year.
0/3 In three attempts, twice for the third (AC Ajaccio in 2018 and Toulouse in 2021) and once for the fifth (Lens in 2019), the Ligue 2 club has never won the play-offs against the 18th in Ligue 1.

Julien Ben Bouali
[email protected]