New Zealand fighters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Mark Hunt for 44 years, but he is still among the top ten heavyweights in the world. The Super Samoan has one of the most powerful strikes in the world. September 15, Hunt in the main battle of the evening of the first in the history of the tournament UFC in Russia will fight with Russian Alexei Oleinik. Mark told about the upcoming fight, leaving the UFC and much more. How do you like Moscow? You in fact here for the first time.

Mark Hunt: Excellent city, beautiful people, lots of greenery and chic attractions. Well, women. Russian women are simply gorgeous. To tell you the truth, I envy you guys, a little. But, thank God, I'm married.

And what about Russian cuisine? Are you planning to try?

Of course. But all this will be after the battle. Borsch, dumplings – I'll try everything. And I'll definitely go to the local KFC (raises a T-shirt and points to the belly).

How do you eat now?

I eat healthy food, carefully monitor the diet. And most importantly – no doping.

What do you expect from the fight with Alexei Oleinik?

It will be a real battle. I'm ready for five rounds, but I want to finish everything in the first. Alexey is a great guy. I respect him very much. We talked with him a couple of times. But we will still fight. Work is work. And I hope that he is not on doping, and then to me recently something is not lucky with rivals (several opponents of Hunt in the UFC, including Brock Lesnar, were convicted of using steroids – approx. ""). But Oleynik never in any such thing was convicted, so I think everything will go well.

Share some details of the preparation for the fight, if this, of course, is not a secret.

Yes, what here can be secrets. I'm the guy who will knock out the others. My task is to drop it as soon as possible. I'm training and doing everything so that on September 15 it happened. So my plan is to cut down an opponent, and his – to strangle me. Let's see who will take it. On Saturday, I will become an absolute evil (laughs).

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt

Photo: @markhuntfighter

Aleksey confessed that he could not carry out his branded "strangulation of Ezekiel" against you. Feel relief?

I'm sure he's cunning. All he can, if he wants. Let him try, and I'll try to knock him out.

What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself in the title fight?

I do not think that this will happen. After the defeat from Curtis Blades (February 10, 2018, Hunt gave him a unanimous decision – approx. "") I asked to give me an opponent who is above me in the ranking. And they gave me a fight with Oleynik. But I'm almost sure I will not get a title fight.

Have you changed the decision regarding the completion of the UFC performances? Another fight after the fight with Oleynik – and all?

Yes, that is right. On this, our paths with the UFC diverge.

What if the initiative to renew the contract will come from the promotion?

In order for me to agree, the UFC proposal should be very, very profitable.

But this does not mean that you are completing a career? Will you perform somewhere else?

Of course. I can fight anywhere. I'm sure that for another three or four fights after the contract with the UFC I definitely have enough. I'm 44 years old, and I'm sure I can beat any of the top 10 heavyweights in the world. God gave me good health. So in the UFC or somewhere else – but I still fight. I went a long way from K-1 (Hunt started in kickboxing and is the champion of K-1 – approx. "") to the UFC, but on it too often came across bastards who like to pour dope.

Can you send a message to UFC president Dane White?

Dana is a businessman who does his job. But we are suing him (Hunt filed for White in court, accusing him of covering sportsmen who use dope, approx. ""), so I will not be wrong to talk about him.

On steroids, more and more UFC fighters are caught. Do not you think that the promotion together with the American Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is the time to take more resolute actions against the violators?

Of course, I have been talking about this for a very long time. USADA does a good job, they often catch the guys taking dope. But with the UFC I am suing, because there to doping people are condescending. For me, since those who accept illegal drugs, we must first take money and give it to "clean" rivals, and then disqualify. For the first failed doping test – for five years, for a repeated violation – for life. By the way, I send greetings to Fabrice Verdoum. Happy completion of your career, enjoy your fucking favelas, motherfucker (the other day the former UFC champion Werdum failed the doping test and received a two-year suspension, he will be able to return to the octagon no earlier than May 2020 – approx. "")!

If they met Brock Lesnar, would they shake his hand?

Why should I shake his hand? Guys like him are weak. They do not have the will. I could tell any of the cheaters to say these words in person. How can you say of people like Lesnar that he is a great fighter. He is not a great fighter, but a great cheater. It is necessary to change the attitude of people to athletes who used dope.

What would you prefer: a fight with 100 percent pure Lesnar or a title fight with current champion Daniel Cormier?

Of course, I would fight with Lesnar. After all, I kind of lost to him. It seems like – because I myself do not consider myself a loser. He was on steroids, after all.

Alexey Oleinik

Alexey Oleinik

Photo: @ alexeyoleynik1

You must be very upset that in the near future the title fight between Lesnar and Cormier, apparently, will still take place.

Of course. In general, the UFC rating is doggy shit. Lesnar is not even in the ranking, and he will get the right to fight for the championship belt. In the heavy division, there are enough fighters who deserve a title fight much more. And he's just a rat!

In Australia and New Zealand there are many talented fighters. But do you see the new Mark Hunt on the horizon?

Yes, we have a lot of good youth. But I do not think that the second Mark Hunt will ever appear. As well as there will be no second Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson.

Your forecast for the fight between Conor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov?

Difficult question. I like both. I met with Habib, but I do not know Konor. MacGregor is very good in the rack, he has excellent chances to win at the beginning of the fight. But Nurmagomedov destroys his rivals. He's a first-class fighter. Drags opponents into the stalls and everything, the end. So I can not choose a favorite.

Do you believe that their fight will take place?

I think yes. Money at stake is serious. Conor turns everything into gold into anything he touches. The UFC 229 tournament is no exception.

What do you do in your spare time?

Well, yesterday, on arrival in Moscow, for example, held a stream. I'm a passionate fan of video games.

What are you playing?

Yes much in that. But most of the time I spend in Counter-Strike: Go. Games of this series I have been fond of for 15 years. Sometimes even I miss training (laughs). I spent more than 40 thousand dollars on the contents of my inventory in CS. So you can imagine how much I love this game.


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