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Sir Alec Guinness, en star Wars

In the mid 70’s, Sr. Alec Guinness He was one of Britain’s most respected actors. His talent and versatility were evident on stage in theaters and on the big screen. but he did not become a movie star until his participation in star Warstoday known as Episode 4: A New Hope.

The box office hit directed by jorge lucas transported the audience to a galaxy far, far away. It changed the movie industry and introduced a cast of fresh faces to give young actors a chance to shine. The only major actor in the film was Sir Alec Guinness, who played Obi Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Master who becomes the mentor of Luke Skywalker, the hero of the original trilogy. Sir Alec Guinness accepted the role in exchange for 1% of the box office, but without too many expectations. In the end, the film became a success and the actor made a lot of money, but this did not change his opinion of the film.

The interpreter felt that the character had bad dialogues and it bothered him that everyone on the set they will treat him like an old man. However, what bothered him the most was becoming an idol for the fans of the saga. He refused to sign autographs and avoided contact with them. Although he asked George Lucas to remove the character after the episode 4Sir Alec Guinness couldn’t resist taking part in the two sequels: Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back Yes Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. Today accompanies us as the force itself.

Sean Connery, en james link

james bond bond“. Very few actors have had the privilege of saying this phrase on film while drinking a Martini that is shaken but not stirred. Among these lucky few they shone as sean Connery. made his debut in doctor no, the first film in the saga. And in the third, the golden finger The character and his interpreter have become movie stars. Although his elegance and strength defined 007 on the big screen, Sean Connery soon denied in the movies and the famous agent.

In 1964 he went so far as to say that if exoticism was suppressed, it was nothing more than a boring and prosaic english policeman. In addition, he considered that James Bond was a flat character, unable to evolve and that limited him as an actor. He, too, couldn’t stand the fame and harassment of paparazzi. During the filming of we only live twice fell out with producer Albert Broccoli and quit playing him again, but returned for diamonds are forever for a salary of more than a million dollarsa high figure for the time.

Sean Connery would play the character for the last time in never say Never, an unofficial film of the saga. But even the tickets did not change the opinion of the actor. Sean Connery went on to say “I always hated James Bond, I would like to kill him“. Although Sean Connery may not have liked it, viewers will always be grateful to bring a movie icon to life.