When it comes to taking care of those he considers his own, Rick has shown us some of the deepest inner loyalty of everyone on the show. Sure, Michonne has developed into a very caring, leadership-oriented personality, but it did not start that way. And Daryl and Carol? They are deeply loyal, especially to the few survivors of the original Atlanta group, but both had deep problems with being there when the chips had failed.

Not so for Rick. Sure, he had his moments of selfishness, like trying to retire all the peasants at the beginning of Season Four, or making it look like Maggie would be the future leader (even if he did not quite get away with it. ) in the 8th season. But despite his opposition to leadership, his loyalty to the group has never failed. He has always been with a pistol, an ax, a machete or whatever was available to fight hordes of wanderers, the Governor, Negan and others, and always showed his desire to bring everyone to safety and with a family Holding together the unity unit as one of its main motivators.


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