The 5 highest paid celebrities in 2021, according to Forbes

The 5 highest paid celebrities in 2021, according to Forbes

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The famous they generate income not only for their talent, whether it be singing, writing or acting. They also use their image to be part of advertising campaigns with different brands and even become entrepreneurs. In this new list, 5 stars of hollywood who earned millions of dollars during the 2021.

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This ranking positions the greats of cinema, music, directors and others who entered the business world.

The celebrities They don’t always have a stable job, it all depends on the new projects that come out or the casting they win to participate in new productions.

Therefore, many chose to generate extra income with their social networks, their own brands and signed contracts worth millions of dollars for

Do you want to know who is number 1? Here we tell you.

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5 highest paid celebrities in 2021

5. Kanye West

American rapper and music producer Kanye West is the famous who ranks number 5 in the ranking of Forbes Magazine.

The artist won 235 millions of dollars in the year 2021 and much of his income is due to advertising campaigns he did with various brands.

4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The actor Dwayne Johnson or better known as “The Rock” is one of the highest paid celebrities in 2021

In addition to being talented on the big screen, “La Roca” is also a successful businessman as he has his own brand of tequila.

His income was between 270 millions of dollars thanks to his participation in films and his company.

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3. Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter better known in the world of stars as “Jay-Z” is an American rapper and producer entrepreneur.

He is the husband of the renowned singer Beyoncé and launched into the business world.

In the year 2021according to Forbes Magazinethe businessman obtained $340 million profits from large deals and contracts.

2. Bruce Springsteen

At number 2 comes Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen or better known in the world of famous What Bruce Springsteen.

The American singer and songwriter is one of the famous who received more money during the 2021 according to ranking.

435 millions of dollars generated in profits thanks to a multi-million dollar deal for the rights to decades of music production with a major company.

1. Peter Jackson

Film director, producer and screenwriter New Zealander Peter Robert Jackson ranks number 1 in the highest paid celebrities in 2021

Director of “The Lord of the Rings” he became a billionaire because he sold part of his visual effects company.

Nothing more and nothing less than 580 million dollars received during 2021 according to Forbes.

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