The 5 most important trends on Instagram 2021

Instagram Shoppping e Instagram Checkout

Instagram Shopping is an Instagram function that allows commercial accounts Include data about your products such as prices, descriptions, images and a button to buy. By clicking the buy button, Instagram directs users to the company’s website to directly purchase the products. If you want to know how to activate this function, visit our blog content about Instagram Shopping.

Due to the success of the launch of Instagram Shopping, Instagram has advanced towards its goal of becoming a large e-commerce and has decided to bet on Instagram Checkout (this new function is still in trial mode in certain countries).

Checkout is a function that is added to Instagram Shopping, which allows companies to have an e-commerce through Instagram, without the need to direct them to their website. In this way the user experience is optimized, since they do not have the need to leave Instagram to buy their favorite products.

How does Instagram Checkout work? Basically users will have to enter Instagram:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Billing information
  • Shipping Address

Once this is done, the information will be stored safely, so Instagram makes sure that if the user wants to buy more products on another occasion, they will not have to register again and can buy directly. If you have a brand and you don’t have an e-commerce, Instagram Checkout will be a great option to sell products that you could implement to give your audience a better experience.

Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides was thought to make it easier to find and explore content on Instagram, it is a new way to see recommendations on Instagram; From your profile you can create and group posts in guides, which allows you to create content categories, as if they were a mini-blog. If you want to know how to create your guides on Instagram visit our blog content Guides on Instagram.

The Instagram Guides can be shared through a direct message or in stories, to give them greater diffusion. It can also be synchronized with the products, something you should keep in mind if you want to give visibility to your online store.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the main Instagram tool, since they offer you a great variety of benefits, among them; cook your audience more.

Such is the case with surveys on Instagram Stories. Surveys can help you find out the interests of your audience or what they expect to find on your profile. Use simple questions, never put “NO” in surveys where the answers are a “yes or no” Why? You don’t want a No, better supplant this “No” by giving another alternative.

Instagram stories do not need so much editing, since the simple thing here works, so you should not necessarily share all your feed publications in the stories, since you can bore your audience, you can use boomerangs, videos, etc., these are more relevant in stories than an image.

Finally, make the most of Outstanding Stories, Instagram Stories normally last 24 hours, but if you need a story to be always accessible, that is, to be able to see it all the time on your profile, you can highlight it, these stories can be you will find just below from your bio, so it will be easier to find them. Remember that these stories must have a good sequence, a simple name that is related to the content and the icons on the covers must be related to the theme of the stories, but do not forget the design and style of your brand when it comes to choose the icons.


Can Instagram Reels be used to boost a brand? The answer is yes, for this you must know your audience, if your target audience is young people, it would be a good strategy to implement it and capture their attention.

Before creating a Reel, know what your competition is doing and the new trends, you must be very well informed, it will be much easier to come up with ideas and create content for your Reels.

You can make ads with this type of format and even make an advance of what your company has to show in the month and / or year in 15 seconds (which is how long a Reel lasts). You can also tell your story and although the time is short, you can get a lot of benefit apart from using creativity and this will connect you more with your audience.

Some recommendations for your Reels to attract attention are:

  • Make dynamic reels
  • Use little text, only what is necessary to express yourself
  • Use current trends songs, filters, etc. that are related to your brand
  • Remember to use guide lines so that your text does not get lost in the display of the user’s name and sharing options.

Get creative so that your Reels stand out from the rest, don’t be afraid to use new trends to boost your brand.

The posts in carousel format

A trend for 2021 will definitely continue to be using carousels as a post format. Do not limit yourself to making posts with a single image, take advantage of the curiosity of your audience and make them reach the last image of your carousel; the carousel allows you to offer dynamic and valuable content, you can make publications only with images, with videos or mixed. Point es get creative, try various styles and layouts for your carousel content. Remember that now the mixed works better, that is, mix images and videos.

If you have not yet implemented carousels to your Instagram content, visit our blog content 5 reasons why you should use carousels to show your content on Instagram

Fun fact: The Instagram algorithm responds better to a carousel post than a normal post, i.e. The Instagram algorithm will only show your followers a normal post once, while a carousel will show twice if the follower doesn’t finish seeing every last image. If you use the carousels you have a double chance to connect with your followers.

Now you know the trends of Instagram in this year 2021, make a list of what you have already implemented and what you have not yet implemented for your brand, do not hesitate to use them and take advantage of them to increase visits to your profile and thus increase sales.

Remember not to be afraid of new trends, but to use them as allies to make your brand better known.

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