The 61st Coca-Cola Short Story Contest already has winners


Monday, May 30, 2022, 09:54

We already know the regional winners of the 61st edition of the Coca-Cola Young Talents Short Story Contest, who are now moving on to the national phase of the contest. In the case of Pedro Leonel, he has won the recognition for the best story of the Community of him, while Javier Delgado, from the Colegio Fomento de Tabladilla, has been the provincial winner of Seville; Héctor Llerena, from the IES La Rábida, from Huelva; Lucía Ibarra, from the IES Isla Verde, from Cádiz; Elisa Hurtado, from the IES Clara Campoamor, from Córdoba; Lucía Reinaldo, from the María Auxiliadora School, in Fuengirola (Málaga); María Carmen Vílchez, from the IES Juan López Morillas, in Jaén, and Daniela Garrido, from the IES Emilio Muñoz, in Granada. In this edition, 1,239 young people from 2nd year of ESO have participated in Andalusia in the written tests.