You have definitely heard of kidney or liver or heart transplants. But what about a face? transplantation Where does a recipient get a new face? Sounds out of the box? A 64-year-old from Quebec has recently undergone a facial transplant and is the oldest recipient of facial sensations worldwide. For the first time in seven years, he can breathe, eat, smell and talk with his new face. Maurice Desjardins, the sexagene, blew his half face off during a 2011 hunting expedition when a bullet hit his face and a significant portion of it was lost, including his jaw, teeth, lips, nose and facial muscles, a recent media report said.

A 100-member medical team has built a new face for Maurice and after a 30-hour operation, he finally got a new face. Not only that, this procedure is the first face transplant that has taken place in Canada and the Commonwealth, the news report highlights.

The operation, which took place last year at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, was Daniel Borsuk headed and has brought a new life. Until surgery, the patient had endless pain and had to breathe through a hole in the neck, the doctors said. Maurice had to go through a long preoperative procedure that included several tests to see if he was physically and mentally fit for the operation.

He has been locked up in his house since the accident. His facial destruction had limited him to social interactions, and he, who was a natural extrovert, had been having a hard time, according to the media report.

Dr. Borsuk, who performed the facial transplant, spoke in an interview about the negative effects of facial distortion on a person's self-confidence and performance. He also pointed out that disfigurement of the facial features can make a person suffer from an identity crisis because our face is directly related to our sense of identity.

Published: September 16, 2018 3:09 pm



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