The 70-year-old head of household was arrested after the mother and daughter were drenched in hot water and knifed in a dream

Haili Village

A wounding case occurred in Cheung Sha Wan. When a woman in her 70s and her daughter were sleeping soundly, they were drenched in boiling water and cut with a knife. The male householder in his 70s was arrested in connection with the case. According to on-site news, the day before the incident, the married daughter returned to her natal home to celebrate her mother’s birthday, and the family was fine at that time. However, it was reported that the case was suspected of involving emotional disputes, and some people suspected that his wife, Hong Xing, was having an affair.

The scene is a unit in Haihe Building, Haili Village. The head of the household is 72 years old. The male householder and the female householder are surnamed He and Pan respectively, and the 48-year-old daughter is married and moved out. The incident happened at 5:35 a.m. yesterday morning. The police received a call from their daughter, claiming that the mother and daughter were beheaded and drenched in boiling water. They were injured in many places. After receiving the report, the police notified the fire department to help break the door. A family of three, ambulancemen treated the injured mother and daughter before sending them to Princess Margaret Hospital for medical treatment. The 72-year-old man involved in the case was arrested for “injury” and was wearing a black cloth covering his head. Both mother and daughter were burned by hot water, with knife wounds on their head, hands and feet. When they were sent to the hospital, they were covered in blood.

Haili Village Hurts PeopleHaili Village Hurts People

Haili Village Hurts People

According to news from the scene, Mrs. Pan’s birthday the day before yesterday, the daughter returned home to celebrate her mother, and then stayed overnight and shared the bed with her mother.

At 5 o’clock yesterday morning, the two were sound asleep when they were suddenly “drenched” by boiling hot water and woke up immediately. During this period, they saw someone holding a kitchen knife. The two parents had an argument. The mother and daughter were beheaded during the confusion. During the injury period, they still worked together to snatch the kitchen knife and then pushed the man out of the room. He hurriedly locked the door to save his life and called the police for help. It was reported that during the period, the male householder also reported to the police that he had beheaded and wounded two people. It is understood that each of them has no record of domestic violence, but they are suspected of being involved in emotional disputes. Some people suspect that their wife, Hong Xing, is cheating. The police are investigating the motive of the crime.

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