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The 8 events not to be missed at Comic Con 2018 de Paris

Since 2015, the Halle de la Villette is transformed in October into the capital of pop culture thanks to Comic Con Paris. Cosplay, dedications, screenings, meetings … We have selected for you the events not to be missed.

Comic book legends Frank Miller, Andy Kubert and Neal Adams
No need to present Frank Miller, the author and designer of 300, Sin City or Batman The Dark Knight Returns and who will return to Comic Con for a panel and a book signing on Friday, October 26th. He will surely talk about his project in collaboration with John Romita Jr., long-awaited but late, Superman: Year One. Andy Kubert, who has distinguished himself for his work on X-Men vol.2 with the author Fabian Nicieza, and Neal Adams, known for his beautiful work around Batman, will also be there.
The return of Sabrina the apprentice witch
The apprentice witch, who made the happiness of teens on France 2 in the late 1990s, returns to the front of the scene on October 26 with a remake of Netflix, which has recovered the project from the hands of CW. The first posters, which promise more darkness than the original series, and her lead actress (Kiernan Shipka, who scored for her role as rebel daughter of Don Draper in Mad Men) make The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina one the most awaited series of this end of the year. Episodes will be screened at Comic Con and it is not impossible, as for Stranger Things last year, that the casting come to pass a head.

The inevitable cosplay contest
A veritable institution of Comic Con, cosplay, which consists in embodying with its artisanal costumes its favorite heroes, will hold an important place in La Villette. In addition to disguised visitors and a panel on the subject, the contest will take place throughout the weekend. The jury will be composed of Eulyn Colette Hufkie (who worked on The Walking Dead costumes), star cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao and winner Arlequin in 2017. The latter was then able to fly to Chicago for a world competition. He had finished third.
The presence of Jenna Coleman, unforgettable Clara Oswald of Doctor Who
Among all the guests announced at the press conference, she was the one who received the most applause (and some sad hiccups unfortunately). Jenna Coleman, who will be coming for a panel, has remained famous for her role as Clara Oswald in the immortal Doctor Who series, between 2012 and 2015. Her unexpected comeback at the end of 2017, for a last goodbye to Peter Capaldi, who left the role of title to Jodie Whittaker, has marked the fans, who will certainly be very numerous in La Villette to see it.
Philippe Lacheau, who will speak about his adaptation of Nicky Larson
Yes, if you did not know, you read well. Philippe Lacheau, to whom we owe the unbearable Bride me my buddy, will adapt in "live action" Nicky Larson, the character created by Tsukasa Hōjō and whose anim made the happiness of Club Dorothée at the beginning of the years 1990. A big fan of the series, Philippe Lacheau does however cringe in the middle, and the first images are not necessarily reassuring. Charge it to reassure the audience of Comic Con.

The conference of Larry Franco, producer of Sleepy Hollow, Batman The challenge, Jumanji
If Shannen Doherty of Charmed and Dean "Superman" Cain will be the headliners of the panels, we strongly advise you to go listen to Larry Franco, prolific producer of Hollywood. This former assistant director of Coppola on Apocalypse Now has been best known for producing many films by John Carpenter, a Batman from Burton and another by Nolan, Jumanji or the surrealist White House Down by Roland Emmerich. No doubt that Franco will have anecdotes to resell during his stay in Paris.
The premiere of Overlord, the new film produced by J.J. Abrams
Announced at the end of the conference, Julius Avery's preview of Ovelord is expected to satisfy many visitors and for good reason: it is produced by JJ Abrams, who since Cloverfield bears the crown of the director-producer "geek" by Excellency. It is enough that his name is fixed on the poster to that of a director so that the hype swells alone. And that does not fail with Overlord, film located during the Second World War … with a fantastic twist, obviously. We will be happy to see actors like Wyatt Russell, Jovan Adepo and Pilou Asbæk.

The discussion with Peter Ramsey and Bob Persichetti, co-directors of Spider-Man: New Generation
If the movie rage between Marvel and DC tires you, maybe the Spider-Man: New Generation project will console you with the superheroes. Sony is actually playing a game of poker by producing an animated film about a Spider-Man from a parallel universe (the spider-verse, for connoisseurs) and embodied by the young Miles Morales. The artistic direction seen in the trailer is beautiful, and the screenplay is co-signed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to whom we owe the superb Lego Movie. Peter Ramsey and Bob Persichetti, co-directors with Rodney Rothman, will be there to talk about what looks like a pretty cinematographic UFO.



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