The 8 settings to change if you have iOS 16 installed

Each fall iOS update adds lots of new features to Apple phones, and the latest iOS 16 is no exception; however some new elements may be annoying, other ingenious goodies are deactivated by default: with this article we have set out to explain how to deactivate the former and activate the latter, making the iPhone experience even richer and more enjoyable.

1. Activate the haptic feedback of the virtual keyboard

Especially in public places, the click of the keyboard can be annoying and in fact many users deactivate it, thus losing a useful ally while typing. But now iOS 16 changes everything because, while maintaining silence, it adds that tactile response that the system lacked to offer greater precision.

As already explained on this occasion, to activate it go up Settings> Sounds and Haptic Feedback> Keyboard Feedback and turn on the switch Feedback aptico. To learn more, take a look at our in-depth study titled: Phenomenology of Haptic Feedback with iOS 16.

2. Deactivate the on-hook button during calls

Have you ever accidentally hung up a phone call because you accidentally hit the lock screen button? With iOS 16, you can now prevent it from happening again – just go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch and click on the button Prevent the block from ending the call.

3. Customize notifications

The new grouping of notifications on the iOS 16 lock screen seems convenient, but those who prefer the old organization can reset it from Settings> Notifications selecting the item List up. As an alternative to the new method named Collection you can also select the very minimal Count which only shows a decent numeric counter at the bottom of the screen.

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The 8 settings to change if you have iOS 16 installedThe 8 settings to change if you have iOS 16 installed

4. Turn on the battery percentage indicator

As anticipated last month thanks to the iOS 16 beta, the battery percentage indicator that was removed from the status bar in 2017 is finally back. 13 mini, but there are hopes that it will appear with the next iOS 16.1. For all the others just go up Settings> Battery and turn on the called switch Battery percentage.

5. Increase the privacy of your photos

The new iOS 16 uses artificial intelligence to scan the camera roll and show photos and videos that it deems “meaningful” in various parts of the phone such as widgets, search menus and so on to remind you of your happy moments. A nice thing, but not for everyone, especially for those who usually give the phone to other people. Thankfully you can disable it from Settings> Photos turning off the switch Show featured content.

6. Activate sending messages with Siri without confirmation

For years Siri has allowed you to send messages by dictating them by voice and now with iOS 16 it is possible to skip the confirmation step from the panel Settings> Siri and search> Send messages automatically: just turn on the switch of the same name and possibly customize the option when using headphones and CarPlay.

The 8 settings to change if you have iOS 16 installedThe 8 settings to change if you have iOS 16 installed

7. Disable the search button on the main screen

In the main screen of iOS 16 a button called “Search” has been added at the bottom of the first page that replaces the page indicators and allows you to open the search screen in one click.

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But since the latter is also recalled simply by swiping your finger downwards starting more or less from the center, for some it could be redundant. If so, you can disable it from Settings> Home screen turning off the switch Show on home screen.

8. Extend the email unsubscribe time

With iOS 16 it is possible to cancel the sending of an email within a certain period of time. By default it’s set at 10 seconds, but if you go in Settings> Mail> Delay for canceling sending you can either disable this option by choosing No or increase the cancellation time window by setting 20 or 30 seconds.

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