The absolutely new business sedan AZLK “Moskvich” -2141 2022-2023 is revealed in the first photos. Debut soon?

Today, the Russian market is experiencing an acute shortage of cars of almost all classes. And if the demand for budget segment models is able to satisfy AvtoVAZ, then the departure of some companies, as well as Hyundai and Kia, force buyers of business sedans to either refuse to purchase a car or consider offers on the secondary market. The current situation has created favorable conditions for the development of the Moskvich brand, the model range of which does not yet contain a single car.

A domestic designer is preparing to show a future novelty that can compete with the Hyundai Sonata or Kia K5. He announced the publication of a series of renders that reveal the business sedan “Moskvich” -2141 2022-2023. This still unnamed model, according to the author, will receive a relatively simple body with a very long wheelbase. The latter will help him compete with Korean sedans.

The simple body configuration is due to two reasons. Firstly, it will take less time to create such a car. Therefore, Moskvich will be able to release it within one year. That is, the presented novelty will have time to come out at a time when the market will experience a shortage of cars of its class. Secondly, the low development costs of the new Moskvich will make it possible to create a sedan that is more affordable than the aforementioned Hyundai Sonata.

Nothing is known about the technical part of AZLK-2141 2022-2023. If the Moscow government can convince JAC to launch production of its own cars at the capital’s car plant, then the future Moskvich sedan will receive motors and transmissions from a Chinese company. But there is a possibility that for this model they will prepare a turbodiesel from GAZ, the production of which was launched by the Gorky Automobile Plant in May.

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