The abused female Monika got new legs, they were created on a 3D printer

Monika underwent surgery two weeks ago and is still tired and scared, but she was very lucky. When she was discovered in December 2020 in a forest in Krasnodar in southwestern Russia, she had only bloody wounds instead of legs.

“No one knows what happened to her, but the volunteers believe that someone cruelly cut off her cruel legs,” Sergei Gorshkov, a 33-year-old veterinarian behind the successful operation, told AFP.

Such animals are usually spent, but the Krasnodar animal rights activists did everything in their power for Monika. The volunteers found all the necessary information, collected money for prostheses and contacted Gorškov, who had previously performed the same operation on two cats. Before they sent the bitch to Siberian Novosibirsk, they trained with her in the pool for several months so that she would not gain weight.