The accusation of the announcer, “Shaima Jamal”, who was murdered by her husband, the judge, of prostitution… and her family is taking this action

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian lawyer, Ashraf Farhat, represented Magda Ibrahim, the mother of the media, Shaima Gamal, with a misdemeanor against an Egyptian journalist who accused the murdered journalist of facilitating prostitution.

Farhat said in the direct misdemeanor, according to the Cairo 24 website, that the defendant owns a platform via social media – YouTube – which he named a special mission with Ahmed Ragab, describing himself as a journalist, through which he hosted the second advertiser, calling him Dr. Ibrahim Tantawi, who witnessed the denial in the well-known case. In the media, in the case of the murder of Shaima Jamal, who was attending the investigations with the second accused, and withdrew from the investigations after the accused gave the details of the incident and the first and second announced to them dealt with the private life of the student and even the victim, describing her with the worst qualities that undermine her honor and consideration in society, and that was by launching Video and audio on his channel.

A crime of aggression against honor and dignity

Farhat went on to say that the first and second announced against the student had committed a crime of aggression against honor and consideration, and it is common knowledge that assault on honor and consideration takes the form of any behavior that would diminish that respect, whether this decrease was a lot or a little, and therefore it is not required That honor and consideration be wasted, but it is sufficient for that behavior to lead them to danger. It is not required in slander that the victim be despised or punished, but it is sufficient for the offender’s behavior to cause harm even if it did not actually happen, and even if people did not believe what the offender attributed. to the victim.

A drug dealer accused of facilitating prostitution

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Farhat continued that what the first and second advertisers had committed by broadcasting news about the student that she is a drug dealer and accused in cases of facilitating prostitution and that she has principles and her only principles is to collect money by mentioning the phrase (my soul and my life and if you are late, I come) in one of the videos presented, in which the advertiser appears to the first and second Together, and if we assume that the offender was careful and did not explicitly mention the name of the victim here, the trial court must identify the person to whom it was directed from the reality of the same statements and the circumstances of the incident and the circumstances surrounding it. Phrases of slander and demeaning them.