Patrice Evra obviously had things to say. After encouraging his former club Manchester United on social media on Tuesday before the Champions League match against PSG, the left-back suffered a wave of criticism and insults. He wanted to answer it this afternoon, always on social networks.

"I'm going to write in French for some pseudo supporters of the PSG who exist only on social networks and who do not understand English because the true supporters of PSG are what I heard last night from the beginning until the end of the match. Congratulations to them. My message was a message of encouragement to my Manchester United players and I have never disrespected PSG and I never said we would win !!! But unfortunately some still interpret things as they want … But in any case I expect you when you win this trophy that your club has never won. See you soon I hope. Good luck and from there we can speak the same language (attention to the remontada anyway because you are great experts). Here is not Paris is champion league winner !!! ", launched the former Olympique de Marseille player.


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